Dasara elephants familiarise with cannon sound

Dasara elephants familiarise with cannon sound


Dasara elephants were familiarised with the sound of cannons at Amba Vilas Palace in Mysuru on Thursday.-

The Dasara elephants, which are camping on the Mysuru Palace premises, are undergoing rigorous training ahead of Jamboo Savari.

On Thursday, they were familiarised with the sound of cannons. Except, two - Drona and Chaitra - all other 10 elephants performed well.

The practice session was held outside the palace. As many as six rounds of firing, each round of three shots, were carried out.

City Police Commissioner Dr A S Rao, who supervised the cannon firing, said, “Compared to the previous year, the performance of the elephants was better this time. Another two sessions of practice will be organised to familiarise the elephants with the sound of the cannon firing.”

30 personnel train

A team of 30 personnel, attached to the City Armed Reserve (CAR), performed the task, using three cannons.

Veterinarian Dr Nagaraj said, all the elephants, including the first-timer  Dhananjaya, performed well.

Chaitra and Drona were little nervous, but they will be ready by the next sessions, he said.

It may be mentioned that the firing of 21 rounds of cannon shots, will be performed before the commencement of the Jamboo Savari, on the day of Vijayadashami, the final leg of Dasara, on October 19.