Major push for Kannada in varsities

Major push for Kannada in varsities

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In a major push for Kannada primacy, the state government wants the universities to ensure that Kannada should be the primary language during conferences, workshops and other academic events organised by them. University websites are also to be redesigned to incorporate Kannada.

Students should be allowed to write PhD and MPhil examinations in Kannada and universities are to accept doctoral thesis submitted in Kannada.

It has been reiterated that Kannada should be taught compulsorily in four semesters, Kannada lecturers should be hired and the language should be taught even if there are only five students.

Plus, Kannada should be incorporated in all identity cards, advertisements, nameboards and so on.

“We’ve also asked the government to make sure universities don’t compromise on Kannada as a language under the choice-based credit system. For instance, Kannada has four credits, but some universities have cut it down to two and teach eight hours instead of the required 16 hours,” Kannada Development Authority (KDA) chairman Siddaramaiah said.

The KDA's opposition to Kumaraswamy’s decision to introduce English as the medium of instruction in government schools will continue, Siddaramaiah said. “We’ve done everything in our capacity to oppose it. Kannada is the mother’s milk that children need, whereas English is like rice. I’m willing to resign if that will help reverse the government’s decision,” he said.