Pallavi, Kishore bat for art as instrument of change

Pallavi, Kishore bat for art as instrument of change

Noted singer M D Pallavi and actor Kishore G batted for progressive cinema at the DH Changemakers 2020 event on Saturday.

They were participating in the panel discussion during the programme. Asked how music can keep people motivated and rouse them to action, Pallavi said since music is an abstract art, anybody who engages with music can feel a sense of empowerment. It can also reach a large number of people at the same time. 

“Music can act as a tool of enlightenment and provocation. Art, in general, provides perspective to the society. We should find a way of understanding it. Music is one of the mediums where for ages we have seen artistes hold a mirror to oneself. Art is about ideas. Ideas, art and music exist in an abstract world,” said Pallavi, a playback singer and stage artiste.

Kishore pointed out that while art and culture needed a lot of money, music did not.

On cinema bringing about change, Kishore said, “Cinema is a reflection of society. It can be used to sow the seeds of change in people. But since cinema is an industry, for commercial purposes we are forced to show people what they want. Cinema is as good as its audience.” He gave the example of late thespian actor Dr Rajkumar, of how he used his roles in subtle ways to bring about change in regressive beliefs and culture. 

Speaking about how theatre is free from commercial compulsions that cinema has, Pallavi said, “Theatre in India is absolutely non-commercial. There is very little patronage from the state, but
artistes find a way to sustain. Since the motive of theatre is not commercial, one
explores social themes, premise and arguments. It hugely benefits and engages the

On bringing youth together to cause collective change, Pallavi said people should take youngsters’ opinions and viewpoints seriously.

“The generation gap has always been there, but
they (youth) understand the world in a different way,” she said.