Retd Nimhans prof shoots stray dog, gets arrested

Retd Nimhans prof shoots stray dog, gets arrested

The stray dog which was shot in Jayanagar.

A retired professor of National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (Nimhans) was arrested on Monday after he shot a stray dog with an airgun outside his home in Jayanagar, in what could be a first such case in the city.

The incident took place around 8.45 am on Monday. The retired professor shot three pellets at the stray as it allegedly dirtied outside his house in Jayanagar 5th Block.

Residents and passersby were shocked to see the stray yelping and bleeding from its body.

Animal rights activists belonging to We Save All organisation rushed the dog to Jeeva Pet Clinic in JP Nagar.

A detailed diagnosis and X-ray revealed three rubber pellets inside the dog’s abdomen.

Following the incident, Praveen, an animal rescuer, approached the Jayanagar police and registered an FIR. During the preliminary investigation, the police learnt that it was Syama Sundar (83), a retired professor of Nimhans, who had shot at the dog.

Jayanagar police inspector Nanjegowda S told DH that Sundar was booked under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960, section 11 (treating animals cruelly) and 12 (Action upon the report of the Advisory Board).

He was arrested and later released on bail as it is a bailable offence.

Nanjegowda further added that the dog is battling for life, with veterinary doctors have performed multiple surgeries on the stray to remove the three pellets. Praveen, a complainant in the case, said doctors had found a bullet in the spine area and another two in the abdomen.

“Veterinarians found it difficult to operate and extract the bullets even though they were fired through an airgun,” said Praveen. “A large portion along the abdominal part was cut to reach the bullets. The canine is battling for life and veterinarians have kept it under observation. Now, the bleeding has stopped but the dog is paralysed.” 

Praveen said residents were shocked about the incident. “If he had shot at the dog for dirtying and barking, he may also shoot at children and other residents objecting to something,” he said.

Praveen also called for the PCA Act to be strengthened since anybody arrested under the Act can be let off with just Rs 50 fine.

Sowmya Reddy, Jayanagar MLA, who lives close to the spot, visited the hospital soon after the incident.

“It was a friendly stray dog and she was shot by an airgun,” Sowmya told DH. “Any animal feels pain, nobody has right to do it, especially to animals as the dog was not doing anything wrong. if it was a child, or somebody else the person would have died. Also, the BBMP is not doing anything with regards to Animal Birth Control.”