UPSC: Tips to prepare for personality test

UPSC: Tips to prepare for personality test

With the UPSC CSE Mains results declared and the personality test dates fast approaching, it’s time to clear the last stage. The personality test is the interview stage for a total of 275 marks where your goal should be to score more than 200 marks.

Even though 275 marks is just 13.5% of the total 2025, the third stage is crucial to determine whether you’ll be seeing your name in the final list. The number of candidates to be summoned for interview will be about twice the number of vacancies to be filled and the competition will be tough where even a single mark may be the deciding factor.

Most candidates who top the exam generally do well in their Interview. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you give your interview:

Preparation: There is no single way or correct method to conquer the personality test. It is designed to test your personality which cannot be shaped in a week. Nevertheless, a bit of preparation does no harm.

It is important to thoroughly go through the Detailed Application Form (DAF) which you would have submitted before appearing for the interview. A copy of your DAF is given to each member of the interview panel and many a time, the interview begins with a question from the DAF. Therefore, be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your hobbies, interests and background.

Confidence: Remember that you have already cleared the first two stages which are tougher than the final stage. The interview is to test your personality and confidence is an integral part of the test.

Whatever you answer or respond to, do it with confidence. Dressing smart is a confidence booster. Preparation and self-belief are the other two aspects. Believe in your abilities and preparation that has brought you so far to take you all the way through.

Current affairs: Do not stop reading newspapers or updating knowledge after the civil services mains examination. Update yourself with national and international issues of importance. Read the newspapers of the day prior to your interview and also on the day of your interview. It is best to keep yourself abreast about the happenings around the world.  

Mock interview: Many coaching centres offer mock interviews and it’s a good practice to take a few mock interviews as they will alleviate certain fears and misconceptions and the feedback will help you improve.

Analysis: One mistake generally made by a candidate is that, they tend to over-analyse the minutia. This will have a negative effect on your performance.

Composure: No matter how the interview is going, remain calm. Take rest, sleep well and do not forget to have your breakfast on the morning of your interview day. This will help you remain calm.

(The author is with Namma KPSC)

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