Thursdays best for sex, Wednesdays to find love

Last Updated 15 October 2010, 16:10 IST

A latest research from the London School of Economics has stated that whatever day it is, there’s always something we can do to get the most out of life — from having sex to getting a salary hike, reports “The Sun.”

Here’s a list of the things you can do throughout the week:

Best for de-stressing: Find time to chill out, advises the study from British Medical Journal. It says you are 20 per cent more likely to die of a heart attack on a Monday due to the fallout from weekend alcohol bingeing and the stress of returning to work.


Best for nailing that to-do list: We’re most productive on this day to get things done. A study by the US Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology says our rational “left” brain dominates thinking early in the week and is better for routine, mundane jobs.


Best for looking for love: This day is ideal for a first date, say more than 40 per cent of 8,000 singletons polled. If it goes well you get a handy day’s breathing space before the follow-on Friday date. And if it doesn’t work out, you can arrange to see friends at the weekend and not dwell on your disaster.

Asking for a raise: Bosses are most receptive to requests for pay rises on Wednesdays, a survey of more than 1,500 UK top brass shows.


Getting busy between the sheets: Natural cortisol energy levels, which stimulate sex hormones, are at their peak. Set your alarm clock and get some early morning loving, which is when levels of the sex hormones testosterone in men and oestrogen in women are up to five times higher.

Best for hospital stays: Check in on a Thursday and you’re more likely to be forced to stay longer — 24 hours more than patients admitted on a Sunday.


Best for quitting smoking: Stub out the fags on this day and you can survive the temptations of the weekend, US researchers have found. This is because the first few days are when your willpower is at its strongest.

Rubbish for making big decisions: We’re more likely to be sleep-starved at the end of the working week and less able to think clearly.


Best for having a baby: Saturdays are best if you want your child to be a winner shows the Office for National Statistics. Children born on this day have a better chance of becoming prime minister — of 21 PMs since 1900, six have been born on a Saturday.


Best for eating out: Preparing a traditional Sunday roast is more stressful than going to the dentist, according to one in five people surveyed. So take the load off and treat you and yours — meaning someone else can deal with the washing up.

(Published 15 October 2010, 16:10 IST)

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