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Last Updated : 22 August 2018, 08:16 IST

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The company has now launched the mid-cc variant that stands between the 150 cc and 180 cc, but this can also be considered as the improved version of 150 cc bikes. The Apache made its debut in the Indian bike market in 2006, where the launch gave a big blow to its competitors. The first motorcycle was the TVS Apache 150, which was known for its stellar looks.

Launching products in the 150 cc and 180 cc trims, it put a break to its competitors’ zooming market growth. In 2008, TVS claimed that more than 2.5 million Apaches were on the road. Currently, TVS sells five variants of the Apache. The differences between each variant are in the engine displacement, the options on offer and performance characteristics.

Now an upgrade with a major modification in the looks, TVS has launched the Apache 160 bike. This is appealing for the normal and simple bike buyers, and for regular usage, who are just bored with the usual bunch of 150 cc machines, and are deliberately looking for a change which is different from other bikes. This is more likely a testimony to the racing legacy of the TVS Apache RTR series, and the new TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, which is more expected to create a new benchmark in the segment.

With a fully-digital speedometer, the design of the new TVS Apache RTR 160 4V offers sleek styling, along with the race-spec aspects of the INMRC race machine – RTR 165. The forward biased stance with tight proportions is complemented by the aggressive headlamp, chiseled body and a sleek, sharp tail.

The motorcycle boasts of a compact race design with chequered flag decals on the tank, a fitting homage to its winning streak on the race track. Concentrating more on the look, the bike-makers have completely neglected few aspects, where they would have manufactured a bike without a kicker, and a fuel switch, where this feature is the most desired by the customers. However, draining the petrol from the fuel pipe is not possible with the new bike. Beefing up the sporty quality of the bike, the twin exhaust is eye-catching and will be its most loved aspect. This has been meticulously tuned to produce a goose-bumping racing sound. The thrum is too much, when we compare it to bike’s body. Sporty racing plate all over the body, race derived engine, ram air intake, race-tuned Showa suspension and aggressive compact race design, will make it different from other bikes on the road.

How is it to ride?

Riding any Apache bike is a pleasure, be it 150 cc or 310 cc, the bike is known for its thunderous sound, which makes for some riding pleasure. The sporty noise, produced by the twin exhaust, will draw the attention of any onlooker towards the bike.

The compactly-built bike will also suit the most in city riding, where the rider enjoys navigating it through the traffic jams. This can also be termed as a traffic cutter, where it easily navigates through the short cuts and in between the vehicles. The bike also delivers enough power for the empty road.

The engine noise is also very smooth, where there are no vibrations even high up in the rev range. At 9,000 rpm, causing a bit of buzz in the tank and the centre panel, the bike can go past 10,000 rpm. It’s smooth once again all the way to its red line of 11,500 rpm. This has to be one of, if not the smoothest bike in this class. We should mention the 5-speed gear box, which is as smooth as a feather touch. Gear shifting and the jerk when we shift to first gear is just impressive and would make any rider fall in love with the bike.

The bike-makers has kept the carburettor option with this new motorcycle. This makes the starting price low, making it easier and more affordable for any bike buyer to jump on to the Apache league.

The all-new Apache RTR 160 4V has the company’s patented double-cradle split synchro stiff frame design, which delivers high-speed stability and efficient handling in both on and off the track. However, when tested, this was the best in class, when compared to other competitors. The mono-shock suspension, said to be engineered and precision-tuned by inputs from racing riders, contributes to razor-sharp handling and agility through the corners.

On the safety aspect, the TVS Apache RTR 160 Fi 4V is available in the market, with both rear and front disc brakes, while the carburettor motorcycle is available in disc and drum variants. The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V series is available in three colours - Racing Red, Metallic Blue and Knight Black.

The new bike has assumed a much more mature temperament than its previous offerings. Retaining some RTR-ness of the Apache league, it’s a bike to live with and have fun at the same time. It’s a bike that really gives good performance, be it for city riding, sports riding, twisties or even cruising on the highways - the bike acts as an all-rounder and is made for Indian roads.

Published 22 August 2018, 08:15 IST

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