'Reddy-BSY meeting exposes BJP's hypocrisy'

'Reddy-BSY meeting exposes BJP's hypocrisy'

Minister Zameer Ahmed speaks to media in Udupi.

Minister for Minorities and Wakf Zameer Ahmed said there was nothing surprising in mining baron Janardhan Reddy meeting the BJP head Yeddyurappa after he came out of the prison.

"BJP is known for its double standards and hypocrisy," he said while mocking the party's relationship with Reddy.

He was speaking to media here, on Saturday.

Expressing his confidence over the sustainability of the coalition government, Ahmed said that Rahul Gandhi was in the forefront and he would never allow anyone to destabilize the government. "The government will complete its full term. There is no harm in Yedyyurappa daydreaming everyday on becoming the chief minister as the dream will not become a reality."

He said that the illegal encroachment of Wakf property will be surveyed shortly.

"A lot of Wakf's property is illegally encroached. If the encroachments are evicted, there is no need for the government funding. The Wakf Board will be able to give funds to the government."

He accused BJP of ignoring Ram Mandir issue in the past four and half years. The party is now raising the Ayodhya issue as the Parliamentary elections are fast approaching.

He added that the Muslims were not against the construction of Ram Mandir. But a Masjid should also be built and prayers should be offered with harmony. There is need for peace to settle in the area, he stressed.

85,000 applications

He said as much as 85,000 applications had been received for ration cards in Udupi district. Around 4,000 will be given shortly. He added that only Aadhar card of the family head is made mandatory for the applicants of ration cards, he added.