BKC stresses on need for dialogue on secularism

BKC stresses on need for dialogue on secularism

Former education minister Prof B K Chandrashekar speaks at a dialogue on secularism at Mangalore University on Saturday.

Former Education Minister Prof B K Chandrashekar lamented that all secular forces including political parties had failed to reach out to the common man on secularism principles.

Prof Chandrashekar, delivering a talk on Indian secularism at a programme, organised by the Nehru Chintana Kendra of Mangalore University on Saturday, said people from different religions reside in the country. There is a need to create awareness on secularism among the people to retain the diversity of the land while taking the society on the path of progress.

“I was attracted to the thoughts of Nehru, Ambedkar and Gandhi from my student life. Unfortunately, we have failed to inculcate their thoughts and secular thoughts in the present education system,” he felt.

Stating that only a few people in state universities boldly propagate the principles of secularism, he said universities should work towards taking the society forward.

Mangalore University in-charge VC Prof Kishore Kumar said only sports has the power to unite people without any discrimination.

Prof Rajendra Chenni said, “When a few individuals and groups began working on a framework for a religion, problems began arising in the society. Tolerance was the order of the day in the past, as the framework for a religion was not clear.”