Both Houses should decide on Tipu Jayanti: Nanaiah

Both Houses should decide on Tipu Jayanti: Nanaiah

Congress leader M C Nanaiah releases the book ‘Kodagu Principality Vs British Empire’ written by Mookonda Nithin Kushalappa in Madikeri on Tuesday.

Congress leader M C Nanaiah has said that it is not right to disrupt communal harmony by opposing Tipu Jayanti.

“The issue of Tipu Jayanti should be discussed in the Assembly and Council and a decision should be taken on the basis of majority,” Nanaiah advised.

He was speaking after releasing ‘Kodagu principality Vs British Empire’ and ‘1785 Coorg’ by Mookonda Nithin Kushalppa in Madikeri town on Tuesday.

Nanaiah said, “A decision should be taken at the government-level by understanding the emotions of the people of the Kodava community. There is a need for a detailed discussion on Tipu Jayanti. There will be no scope for any confusion in Kodagu, if Tipu Jayanti is not observed.”

He added that some people are using Tipu Jayanti for political gain. Innocents in Kodagu are used in the name of a protest against Tipu Jayanti.

“The works on Tipu should be read by the people. It is not right to ban such books,” he said.

Writer Nithin Kushalappa, Kodava Makkada Koota president Bollajira B Ayyappa, journalist Ajjamada Ramesh Kuttappa and others were present at the book release.