Are you having trouble getting sleep?

Hectic lifestyle, work pressure, personal stress, family matters, economic circumstances and jet lag or simply a change of location while traveling can all affect your sleep. What is important for one to realize is that sleeplessness is a condition just like any other lifestyle issue and it can & should be addressed at the earliest. Persistent sleep issues can lead to future complications and lifestyle problems. Inadequate sleep can lead to daytime tiredness resulting in low productivity at work, persistent irritability and inability to focus.     


How do you identify signs of sleeplessness?  
•    You find it difficult to focus on even simple chores
•    You frequently make errors and lag behind a little, due to sluggishness arising out of poor sleep
•    You keep falling prey to distractions bringing down your productivity.
•    You have a creative block, thwarting your ability to think differently and clearly.
•    You tend to delay decision making & lack problem-solving skills in daily routine.

It’s time to take your sleep seriously and take corrective measures in your lifestyle. 

Here are a few tips that could help you –
•    Make a sleep schedule for yourself and then try & stick to it.
•    Avoid caffeine at night time as it interferes with your sleeping pattern and tends to keeps you awake. 
•    Include some physical activities in your daily routine such as some light exercise, yoga, walking or any activity that you are comfortable with.
•    It is also necessary to disconnect from your digital world. Turn off television sets, phones and all screens atleast 30 minutes before you go to bed. 
•    Also, try SleepRite shotz®, it helps in natural sound sleep while making you feel refreshed and renewed the next morning. 

Nutrite Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. introduces for the first time in India, SleepRite shotz®. It’s a single use liquid shot which is neither a medicine nor a drug; it’s a nutraceutical fruit juice based drink. It is so safe that it doesn’t require a prescription and can be bought over the counter (OTC). It contains ingredients within the RDA limits (Recommended Dietary Allowances) and approved by FSSAI. It is available in Berry fusion and Litchi-licious flavor bottles of 60ml to be consumed at one time. 

Key ingredients of SleepRite shotz are
Chamomile is a Sleep-inducer and decreases anxiety.
Valerian Root stimulates the brain’s GABA receptor, a neurological gateway for sleeping-inducing chemicals.
Melatonin is a substance that plays an important role in our body’s natural sleep and regulates the sleep cycle. It is naturally present in our body as well. 
L-Trytophan is a natural amino acid which helps to relax and sleep
Passion Flower has calming effects and helps to improve sleep.

It works best when you take a shot just half an hour before you plan to sleep. Going to bed on same time every night after dimming lights & switching off all screens aided with SleepRite shotz will help in correcting your sleep cycle.

Get the perfect sound sleep you need with SleepRite shotz and wake up refreshed & renewed next morning. This will not only regulate your sleep, but also help in giving your 100% at work & personal life.

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