After PhD Degree What Next - Top Options to Consider

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Earning a PhD is a truly remarkable achievement. A doctoral degree offers intellectual fulfilment, deep expertise in a particular field or topic, and enhanced career prospects. Graduates with a PhD demonstrate advanced research skills, critical thinking abilities, and a commitment to lifelong learning - all highly valued attributes in today’s dynamic job market. Whether you’ve just completed your PhD or are considering embarking on this challenging yet rewarding journey, you must consider the diverse options available after graduation. Let’s explore the vast possibilities to help you answer the question - after PhD, what next?

What to Do After PhD

Graduates can pursue further education or build a career after PhD studies. Let’s understand the options available.

Further Studies

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Postdoctoral research positions allow you to deepen your expertise in a specific field, collaborate with leading scholars, and contribute to cutting-edge research. These prestigious fellowships provide valuable hands-on experience and can serve as a springboard to a career in academia.

Master’s or Additional Doctoral Degree

Pursuing an additional graduate degree, whether a master’s or a second PhD, can broaden your knowledge base and open up new interdisciplinary opportunities. Those seeking to explore a new area of specialisation can follow this path.

Work Opportunities

Teaching Positions in Higher Education

Many PhD graduates find fulfilment in sharing their knowledge and guiding the next generation of scholars as university professors or lecturers. Teaching allows you to combine your research expertise with a passion for education and mentorship.

Focused Career Opportunities

Depending on the PhD subject, graduates can pursue various jobs after PhD, ranging from research scientist to strategy consultant.

Overview of Career Opportunities After PhD

A PhD opens doors to a multitude of fulfilling careers. Let’s explore the top career options after PhD for graduates from various disciplines.


Physics PhD graduates often pursue careers as research scientists. These individuals conduct cutting-edge research, often for governments and large private corporations. Another popular job after PhD in physics is data scientist. Graduates leverage their analytical expertise and use big data to help solve complex problems.


Many young Indians aspire to become engineers. After completing a PhD in engineering, graduates can pursue a career as a research and development engineer. These enterprising individuals develop innovative solutions in focused areas like robotics, nanotechnology, and renewable energy. Those with a knack for problem-solving can pursue opportunities as a product development manager. Their job involves leading the creation of new technological products. Engineering consultant is another popular job option for graduates. They offer companies expert advice on technical challenges and solutions.


A management degree often opens doors to C-suite and other upper-management roles. Pursuing a PhD in management allows individuals to become consultants, business analysts, and investment bankers. Regardless of their chosen role, these individuals use strategic analysis, data analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help businesses grow.


Educators help shape tomorrow’s leaders. A PhD in education empowers graduates to become educational researchers and conduct ground-breaking studies to improve educational practices and policies. As an educational policy analyst, they analyse the impact of educational policies on students and offer solutions for better outcomes. Some graduates become curriculum developers and design educational programs that enhance student learning.

Atmospheric Sciences

PhD graduates in Atmospheric Sciences can pursue careers as climatologists, studying weather patterns, climate change, and their environmental impact. Given their deep understanding of atmospheric processes, some graduates work as environmental consultants, advising companies and governments on best practices and environmental regulations and policies.

Financing Your PhD Studies in India and Abroad

Higher education programs like PhDs often require significant financial investment. Instead of putting their dreams on the back burner, aspiring Indians are fulfilling their aspirations with a loan for education. Several institutes in India offer a loan for students, regardless of whether they hope to pursue their education in India or overseas. Education-focused lenders like Avanse provide up to 100% financing, student-friendly interest rates, and flexible repayment terms. Additionally, they have online tools that empower young learners to estimate their education loan eligibility and apply accordingly, maximising their chances of approval. 

Several people aspire to complete a doctorate. However, they often wonder after PhD what to do. Earning the degree can open you up to a world of new possibilities. Regardless of your interests or chosen path, completing a doctorate provides you with an edge over the competition. From careers in academics to positions in the boardroom, a PhD helps you achieve all your aspirations. Education loans empower you to chase your dreams by providing the financing you require to help you focus on your studies worry-free!

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Published 03 June 2024, 10:49 IST

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