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Have you ever dreamed of becoming an author but felt overwhelmed by the complexities of writing, publishing, and promoting your book? You are not alone. Many aspiring authors face similar challenges, and unfortunately, some end up compromising their vision and satisfaction in the process. Traditional self-publishing houses and book marketers often offer packages to write and publish your book, but these can leave you feeling disconnected from your own work.

At Aura Profile Management, we understand the importance of maintaining your voice and vision throughout the writing and publishing journey. That's why we offer a comprehensive and personalized service that brings your dream of becoming an author to life. With the help of our industry-best ghostwriters, you can discuss, brainstorm, and seek advice on your chapters, ensuring that your book truly reflects your ideas and aspirations.

Why Choose Aura Profile Management?

Personalized Ghostwriting Services

One of the biggest drawbacks of many self-publishing packages is the lack of interaction between the author and the ghostwriter. At Aura Profile Management, we believe that collaboration is key to creating a book that you will be proud of. Our ghostwriters are seasoned professionals who work closely with you, allowing you to discuss individual chapters, brainstorm ideas, and seek advice throughout the writing process. This ensures that your book is not only well-written but also authentically yours.

Comprehensive Publishing Solutions

Once your manuscript is ready, our job doesn't end there. We have a dedicated publishing department that handles all aspects of getting your book into the hands of readers. We ensure your book is available on major platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, reaching a wide audience and maximizing your book's potential.

End-to-End Book Promotion

In today’s competitive market, simply publishing a book is not enough. Effective promotion is crucial to your book's success. Aura Profile Management offers a full range of promotional services, including book launches, press releases, book awards, and author websites. We work tirelessly to ensure your book gains the visibility it deserves.

Author Promotion

Your brand as an author is as important as your book. We help build your author profile through targeted promotions, social media strategies, and public relations efforts. Our goal is to establish you as a credible and influential voice in your genre.

Our Services

  1. Ghostwriting

    • Collaborate with industry-best ghostwriters.

    • Brainstorm and discuss your book's chapters.

    • Maintain your unique voice and vision.

  2. Publishing

    • Professional editing and formatting.

    • Designing Book Cover

    • Listing on Amazon, Flipkart, and other major platforms.

    • ISBN registration and copyright services.

  3. Book Promotion

    • Press releases and media coverage.

    • Social media marketing.

    • Book awards and recognition programs.

  4. Author Promotion

    • Personalized author websites.

    • Social media strategies.

    • Public relations and branding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the process for starting my book with Aura Profile Management?

Starting your book with us is simple. Contact us through our website or phone, and one of our representatives will guide you through the initial steps. We’ll discuss your book idea, assign a suitable ghostwriter, and begin the collaborative process.

2. How do I communicate with my ghostwriter?

You can communicate with your ghostwriter via WhatsApp. Regular updates and brainstorming sessions are encouraged to ensure your book meets your expectations.

3. What if I’m not satisfied with a chapter or section of my book?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not happy with any part of your book, you can discuss revisions with your ghostwriter until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

4. How long does the writing and publishing process take?

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your book and your availability for reviews and discussions. On average, the entire process can take between 2 to 3 months.

5. Will I retain the rights to my book?

Yes, you retain all rights to your book. Our services are designed to help you achieve your publishing goals while ensuring you maintain full ownership of your work.

6. How do you ensure my book reaches a wide audience?

If you purchase are Book publishing plus book marketing package, our comprehensive marketing and promotional strategies are designed to maximize your book’s visibility. From book launches and press releases to social media campaigns, we use a variety of tools to reach your target audience.

7. What is the cost of your services?

Our services are customized based on your specific needs and goals. Contact us for a detailed quote and to discuss the best package for your project. The starting price of Book Writing and Book publishing is Rs. 40,000/-. This package consists of all your writing, publishing and listing on Amazon but is without any promotion, press release or marketing.

8. Do you offer support after my book is published?

Absolutely! We offer continuous support even after your book is published. This includes ongoing marketing efforts, sales tracking, and promotional strategies to keep your book relevant in the market.

Become a Published Author Now

Ready to make your dream of becoming an author a reality? Don’t wait any longer. Contact Aura Profile Management today and embark on your journey to becoming a published author. With our personalized ghostwriting, comprehensive publishing, and effective promotional services, we’ll help you create a book that stands out and reaches readers worldwide.

Become an author now with your friendly ghostwriter and professional publisher!

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Published 03 July 2024, 12:06 IST

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