Best Probiotic For Constipation In 2024

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Probiotics help with constipation, many studies confirm this. Probiotics used to be only good for making your gut healthy, but research shows these probiotic types and kinds of friendly bacteria do more than that.

Some kinds of probiotic bacteria can make you less tired, while others boost your immune system and help you lose weight. There are also probiotics that can ease the signs of menopause.

Best Best Probiotic Supplement 

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Also, scientists are learning more about these amazing microbes all the time. There are many reasons to take probiotics every day.

In this article, we will talk about how probiotics are a natural way to treat constipation and make bowel movements easier.

Best Probiotics for Constipation 2023 - Quick Look

These are the probiotic products that work best for constipation and to make bowel movements easier in 2023

●     YourBiology Gut+ - best probiotic for constipation overall

●     MindBodyGreen Probiotic+

●     Biotics8 - best probiotic for men

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum - general gut health All four products make your gut healthy and do many other good things, but we chose them only because they make bowel movement easier and support normal stool frequency.

We based our choices on the probiotics the products have, not what the makers say.

Studies show which probiotic bacteria kinds work best for constipation and all four of the products above have two or more of them. You will see this for yourself when you read the product summaries below.

Best Best Probiotic Supplement 

#1. Biotics 8: Click Here To Buy (Official Website) – Top Supplement for Men 

#2. Yourbiology Gut+: Click Here To Buy (Official Website)  – Top Supplement for Women

If you want to, you can also check the studies yourself. We want you to do that and have given you many links to scientific websites and other reliable sources.

#1 - YourBiology Gut+ (best probiotic for constipation overall)

YourBiology Gut+ YourBiology Gut+

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YourBiology Gut+ is a probiotic made to improve gut health. It has some of the best probiotics for making constipation better.

As you would think with a probiotic product for gut health, the bacteria kinds in YourBiology Gut+ can also deal with many other problems related to health and well-being.

For example, the probiotics in YourBiology Gut+ can help lower female bloating. This is a problem men have too, but it’s more common in women and periods can make it worse.

YourBiology Gut+ also has some of the best probiotics for lowering stress, balancing vaginal flora, and making your skin look healthy.

Some of the probiotics ease the signs of menopause so we rank YourBiology Gut+ the #1 choice for women who have constipation.

Key Probiotics for Making Constipation Better Lactobacillus Plantarum (L. Plantarum)

Studies show probiotic types from L. plantarum kind of probiotic bacteria help speed up how fast feces move and make constipation less painful.

Data from one study shows L. plantarum can give a lot of relief from constipation and explains how this might work.

Lactobacillus Paracasei (L. Paracasei)

L. paracasei is another probiotic kind that is good for making constipation better. It can even beat a drug that causes constipation.

YourBiology Gut+ is a probiotic for women so we have to tell you studies suggest L. paracasei and L. plantarum may be two of the best probiotics for treating and managing weak bones in women after menopause.

Bifidobacterium Lactis (B. Lactis)

B. lactis is a good probiotic for constipation. It can help you poop better. Many studies have shown this and a review of 14 studies confirmed it.

Different kinds of probiotics were used in the studies and the researchers found B. lactis was very good.


Made for women Has many good probiotics for constipation Gives prebiotic fiber The pills only break down in your gut You can get your money back in 60 days if you are not happy


You can only get it from the website

#2. MindBodyGreen Probiotic+

MindBodyGreen Probiotic+ MindBodyGreen Probiotic+

This probiotic+ is made to keep your gut healthy. It has a special mix of four probiotic types.* All of them are tested to help your gut, but some of them do more. For example, some of them make you poop more often while others make you less bloated and help you stay slim.* The probiotic does not need to be in the fridge and has 30 servings in each bottle—each with 32 billion good bacteria. Save 15% on your order with code NEW15.

#3 - Biotics 8 (Men’s Health Probiotic)

Biotics 8 Biotics 8

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Biotics 8 is for men’s gut health. It has some of the best probiotics for constipation, plus prebiotic fiber & digestive enzymes. It also has vitamin D.

Supplements with digestive enzymes make digestion better, so your body can use the food better.

If you don’t like the idea of taking digestive enzymes, don’t worry. The enzymes in supplements are not from animals, they are from plants and fruits.

Supplements with digestive enzymes also help your body get more energy from food. This can make you feel more active and less tired.

Vitamin D is not a normal ingredient in probiotics, but it is a good one.

Many people don’t get enough vitamin D. It is an important vitamin that dissolves in fat. Not having enough vitamin D can cause problems. It can make your immune system weak, make your bones brittle, and lower your testosterone.

But Biotics 8 may have vitamin D for another reason. Research shows it may also make your gut bacteria better.  Good Probiotics for Constipation

Lactobacillus Plantarum (L. Plantarum)

L. Plantarum is one of the best probiotics for constipation and one of the most common good bacteria. It is in all four top products. That shows how good it is for constipation.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus (L. Acidophilus)

L. acidophilus may not help with constipation.

But research shows it may help make your testicles healthier and make more male hormones.

That makes L. acidophilus a good choice for Biotics 8 because it is a probiotic for men.

Bifidobacterium Breve (B. Breve)

Research shows this probiotic can make kids with constipation poop more often.

It may do the same for adults too.


Made for men Has many good bacteria that help with hard stools Gives prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes, and vitamin D You can get your money back in 60 days if you are not happy


One bottle lasts only 20 days You can only order it from the maker’s website #4 - 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum (Gut Health) 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum CLICK to see 1MD Complete Probiotics price

Complete Probiotics Platinum is a high-quality probiotic supplement that many men and women around the world like.

The maker says the supplement can make your digestion and immunity better but does not say it can also help with hard stools.

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum has more kinds of good bacteria than any of the other top choices.

Most of the good bacteria in 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum do not make your stools softer, but some of them do.

YourBiology Gut+ or Biotics 8 might be better for you. But you might want to try 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum if you want a supplement that can make you go to the bathroom more often and also make your immune system stronger.

Best Good Bacteria for Hard Stools Lactobacillus Plantarum

We already talked about this good bacteria. It works well. We don’t need to say more.

●     Bifidobacterium Bifidum (B. Bifidum)

●     Studies show B. bifidum makes you go to the bathroom more.

●     One study, done on people with hard stools, says B. bifidum also makes your stools softer.

●     The researchers say B. bifidum is safe and can make life better for people with hard stools.

●     Bacillus Coagulans (B. Coagulans)

●     Science says B. coagulans is another good bacteria that helps with hard stools.

●     One study shows it can also help with stomach pain and make it easier to poop.


Has many good bacteria that help with hard stools One of the best probiotic supplements for making your immunity stronger Has a wide range of good bacteria kinds Has good bacteria to make your digestion better Gives prebiotic fiber The pill does not break until it gets to your gut You can get your money back in 90 days if you are not happy CONS

You can only order it from the maker’s website #5 - Health Nutrition Probiotic 40 Billion Probiotic 40 Billion can make your immunity better, but it is mainly a gut health supplement.

We don’t see why you would pick Probiotic 40 Billion over one of the other three products but it has good bacteria that can help with hard stools.

Probiotic 40 Billion is a bit cheaper than the other three choices. That might be good for you.

But it is also the only one of the four that does not have a money-back guarantee. It is the best probiotic for hard stools if you don’t have much money.

If you have trouble with your stools, this product is worth buying - it does help with hard stools and make your bowel habit normal again.

Key Good Bacteria for Hard Stools Lactobacillus Plantarum (L. Plantarum)

We already said what this good bacteria can do.

Bifidobacterium Lactis (B. Lactis)

We are repeating ourselves. B. lactis is one of the good bacteria in YourBiology Gut+.  PROS

Has good bacteria that help with hard stools Makes bowel movements easier Makes your gut health better Gives prebiotic fiber


Lacks a money-back guarantee 

You can only buy it via the manufacturer's website 

Probiotics for Constipation: A Quick 101

Some estimates suggest up to 16% of the adult population in the USA, and up to 33% of people aged 60 and older, may regularly suffer from constipation. It's more common than many people think

Many things can make you constipated. Eating unhealthy food is one of them and you are more likely to get constipated as you grow older.

Some medicines can also make you constipated, as well as some problems with your stomach and intestines.

But no matter what the reason is, constipation can be very uncomfortable. It can also cause other health problems, such as piles.

Piles can be very sore and may cause more complications, such as low blood count and blood clots (thrombosed piles).

Constipation often makes you push hard to pass stool. This can raise your blood pressure. This puts a lot of pressure on your whole heart system. That’s bad. The connection between constipation and heart attacks has been well proven.

Probiotics are not the only natural way to treat constipation. Many people use plant-based products that make stool softer. Supplements with senna or aloe vera are very common.

But, even though these options may help you with constipation for a short time, they do not fix the main problem. The other issue with laxatives (natural or not) is using them too much can cause more problems like lazy bowel syndrome.

Probiotics help with constipation by making your gut healthier. This means they can help you for a long time without worrying about laxative addiction.

How Do Probiotics Help with Constipation?

Probiotics are good bacteria that you can find in fermented foods and supplements.

They have been studied to have many good effects on your health, especially for helping your digestion. For those who have trouble with constipation, probiotics can help by making your bowel movements regular and more frequent.

Studies have found that the good bacteria in probiotics help digest food, take in nutrients, balance the acidity in your intestines, and lower swelling; this makes your digestive system healthier and less constipated.

If you are constipated, taking a probiotic supplement that is made for improving bowel habits is an easy way to deal with the problem without taking medicines or depending on laxatives that could hurt your body over time.

The best probiotics for constipation have bacteria types that have been found to be very good at making your digestion smooth through your digestive tract.

So while there are other ways and medicines for constipation, probiotics are a safe and natural way that has been shown to work.

Connection Between Gut Bacteria and Constipation

Gut bacteria have a very important role in digestive health, and it has been recently found that constipation can be linked to a lack of balance in these bacteria.

Probiotics, which have live bacteria and yeasts, have been scientifically shown to help with constipation as they work to bring back balance to the gut bacteria.

As the probiotics fill up your intestines, they get rid of toxins and boost natural digestion resulting in less times of feeling constipated

Other ways such as herbal remedies or a diet that avoids some foods can also help for a short time by finding the causes of swelling that lead to bad digestion and slower gut movement.

In the end, knowing the important connection between gut bacteria and constipation is a big step towards finding a lasting solution for a healthy digestive system.

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Best Probiotic for Constipation 2023 Summary

Constipation is not a serious problem, but it can make you feel bad. It can also cause other problems, like piles.

Many things can cause constipation. It is a common problem. Many people look for supplements that can make them feel better and help their digestion (irritable bowel syndrome).

This article tells you about the best probiotics for constipation and three of them have a guarantee that you can get your money back.

These probiotics can help you with constipation and also make your gut healthier and your digestion better. They can also help you in other ways.

We chose these four probiotic supplements because they have two or more probiotics that are proven to help with constipation.

These probiotic supplements are different from normal laxatives and other supplements. They can make your constipation go away and keep it away. They are safe, you don’t need a doctor’s note, and they won’t make your bowel lazy or dependent.

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