Hyderabad-based Startup Revolutionizes Education with Syntax AI and IRA

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Syntax Sarcasm, a dynamic Telangana startup, is gaining traction in the tech market with its game-changing virtual assistant, IRA. Syntax Sarcasm, founded by IIT Kharagpur alumnus Shanmukh Ram and co-founded by Biswa Arpan Rasaily, has quickly established itself as a leader in instructional technology. In four months, its flagship product, Syntax AI, has attracted over 92,000 active users and produced an amazing income of ₹14.6 crore.

"Our goal is to make quality education available to everyone," said Shanmukh Ram, Founder of Syntax Sarcasm. "IRA, powered by Syntax AI, enables students to connect over WhatsApp and obtain high-quality learning experiences without the hefty fees associated with traditional schooling." We think that knowledge should be free and available to everyone.

IRA, or Integrated Reinforcing Agent, is an innovative virtual assistant that serves as more than just an instructional tool. This adaptable metahuman can be used in a variety of environments, including banks, malls, train stations, airports, training facilities, schools, and universities. With powerful Text-to-Speech (TTS), Speech-to-Text (STT), and vision capabilities, IRA provides an engaging and immersive user experience.

Biswa Arpan Rasaily, co-founder, stated his pleasure about the company's rapid growth: "The success we have achieved in such a short time is a credit to our team's dedication and hard work. We are delighted to see IRA being utilized in a variety of settings, making routine work easier and more efficient for individuals everywhere."

IRA stands apart as the first-ever metahuman developed to teach children and adults.

Surprisingly, Syntax Sarcasm has achieved this accomplishment with no marketing costs. The firm has amassed a 400,000-strong Instagram community by providing programming tutorials and other compelling material, all without the need for a traditional website.

Syntax Sarcasm, based in Hyderabad, is a wholly bootstrapped startup that showcases Telangana's creativity and ingenuity. The company's dedication to transforming education and expanding accessibility through technology is getting widespread recognition and support.

As Syntax Sarcasm grows, it continues to focus on improving IRA's capabilities and broadening its reach. The firm is positioned to become a tech industry leader, generating transformation and leaving a lasting influence in education and beyond.

Key Highlights:

  • Startup: Syntax Sarcasm, Hyderabad-based, bootstrapped

  • Founders: Shanmukh Ram (IIT Kharagpur alumnus), Biswa Arpan Rasaily

  • Product: Syntax AI featuring IRA (Integrated Reinforcing Agent)

  • User Base: Over 92,000 active users in four months

  • Revenue: ₹14.6 crores in four months

  • Community: 400,000 followers on Instagram

  • Marketing Expenditure: Zero

  • Technologies: Text-to-Speech (TTS), Speech-to-Text (STT), Vision Capabilities

  • Languages Supported: Six

  • Target Audience: Students (1st to 10th grade), adults (medicine, UPSC)

  • Usage: Educational institutions, banks, malls, railway stations, airports

Syntax Sarcasm's meteoric rise shows the power of modern technologies to change traditional teaching. Their rise from a small business to a rising tech leader exemplifies the power of hard work, innovation, and community involvement. Syntax Sarcasm is poised to reshape the educational landscape, making quality learning available to all.

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Published 13 June 2024, 10:42 IST

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