Meet Renofluthrin: India's First Indigenous Mosquito Repellent Molecule

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India has made significant advancement in the field of household insecticides with the development of Renofluthrin, India’s first fully developed and patented molecule which makes the most efficacious liquid vapouriser formulation against mosquitoes. This breakthrough promises to revolutionize mosquito control, providing a solution that is 2x more effective and fast acting compared to any other registered formulation in liquid vapouriser format available in India 

Key Features and Benefits

·         Indigenous Innovation: Renofluthrin is the first molecule of its kind to be fully developed within India, demonstrating the country's growing capabilities in scientific research and development.

·         Enhanced Efficacy: Formulations containing Renofluthrin have been proven to be 2X more effective formulation against mosquitoes in liquid vapouriser format compared to other available products. They also offer an instant action and a residual action lasting up to 2 hours.

·         Broad Spectrum Efficacy: This molecule is effective against common mosquito species including Anopheles, Aedes, and Culex, tackling both malaria and dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

·         Safety and Testing: Rigorous testing by independent and government-approved labs ensures that Renofluthrin is safe for use. It has been approved by the Central Insecticide Board and Registration Committee (CIB&RC) and shown not to cause irritation to eyes, nose, or skin.

The Driving Force Behind Renofluthrin

Developed over a decade of research by Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL) and its partner Shogun Organics Ltd, Renofluthrin represents a major leap forward in the fight against mosquitoes. GCPL holds exclusive usage rights for this molecule till medium term, and it is currently featured in their Good knight product range, including Goodknight Flash liquid vapouriser liquid vapouriser, coils, and incense sticks.

Why Renofluthrin Matter in Making India Healthy and Self-Reliant?

In the ever-evolving battle against mosquitoes, the development of new molecules every 10 to 15 years is crucial. Over time, existing repellent formulations needs upgrade, and consumers often turn to unregistered and potentially unsafe alternatives. The development of Renofluthrin not only showcases India's prowess in scientific development but also ensures that households have access to advanced and reliable mosquito repellent solutions. Renofluthrin is set to redefine mosquito control in India, providing enhanced protection and peace of mind for consumers.

Dr. Samir Dalwai, a Prominent Developmental Pediatrician&Senior Member, Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), said, "Mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue illnesses not only cause severe health issues but also pose significant economic burdens. Therefore, it's imperative to have highly effective protection against mosquitoes. When prescribing solutions to combat these diseases, I prioritize efficacy, safety, and long-term reliability. The introduction of new molecule like Renofluthrin, will only help to curb mosquito-borne diseases.”

He further, added, “Renofluthrin offers broad-spectrum efficacy, targeting common mosquito species responsible for malaria and dengue. Its instant knock-down effectand residual protection make it a formidable tool in reducing mosquito populations and, consequently, the transmission of these diseases.”

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Published 11 July 2024, 10:42 IST

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