The Rising Need for Tummy Tuck Surgery in the Face of Obesity

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 3:  In recent years, India has witnessed a significant increase in obesity rates, creating a growing demand for solutions that address both health and aesthetic concerns. Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, has become a common treatment choice for those struggling with excess abdominal skin and fat that persists even after weight loss. 

“We're seeing more patients who have successfully lost substantial weight but are left with loose, sagging skin that affects their confidence and quality of life,” Dr. Pinky Devi Ayyappan of Pinkapple Aesthetics sheds light on this surgery. “Tummy tuck surgery can be a transformative solution for these individuals.”

The procedure involves removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen while tightening the underlying muscles, resulting in a flatter, more toned midsection. Dr. Pinky emphasises that tummy tucks are not a weight-loss method but rather a contouring procedure for those who have already achieved a stable, healthy weight. 

“Many of our patients have made significant lifestyle changes and lost weight through diet and exercise. However, they're often left with stubborn fat deposits and loose skin that don't respond to further efforts,” Dr. Pinky explains. “A tummy tuck can be the final step in their transformation journey, helping them achieve the body contour they've been working towards.” 

Patients often report improved posture, reduced back pain, and enhanced core strength following the procedure. Dr. Pinky notes, “We've observed that patients often feel more motivated to maintain their healthy habits post-surgery, as they can finally see the full results of their hard work.” 

However, it's crucial to understand that tummy tuck surgery is not a universal solution. Each patient's needs and goals are unique, requiring a personalised approach. Dr. Pinky stresses the importance of thorough consultations to ensure patients have realistic expectations and are well-informed about the procedure. 

The psychological impact of tummy tuck surgery can become profound. Many patients report a major improvement in self-esteem and body confidence following the procedure. “It's incredible to see how this surgery can help people feel more comfortable in their own skin,” Dr. Pinky shares. “Many of our patients tell us they feel more confident in social situations and are more willing to participate in activities they previously avoided.” 

However, it’s important to consider the recovery process of tummy tuck surgery. Patients typically need several weeks of downtime, and full results may not be visible for several months. Dr. Pinky emphasises the importance of carefully following post-operative instructions to ensure optimal healing and results. 

Dr. Pinky underlines the importance of consultations for those considering tummy tuck surgery. She believes these discussions are essential for patients to fully understand their individual needs, set realistic expectations, and explore potential outcomes. In her view, a qualified plastic surgeon can properly assess a patient's suitability for the procedure during these consultations.  

Dr. Pinky Devi Ayyappan notes that with careful planning and comprehensive care throughout the process, tummy tuck surgery can be a transformative experience. She sees the procedure as more than just a physical change, a means for individuals to rediscover confidence and comfort in their bodies. 

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Published 03 July 2024, 11:31 IST

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