What You Need to Win Your San Jose Truck Accident Claim

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Accidents happen anywhere and anytime. When they happen, they cause injuries and damage. Like other parts of the US, San Jose also experiences a significant number of truck accidents. These accidents not only cause injuries, but also death. That’s why it is advisable to be familiar with the following steps so you can win your truck accident case:

1.      Dial 911

Following a truck accident in San Jose, you have to dial 911 for emergency services. Remember that truck accidents are catastrophic and severe, and your well-being must be your top priority. If you have minor injuries, ensure you check on other injured people. There could be multiple victims, so you might want to request more ambulances. Apart from that, wait for police officers to come to the scene if you don’t have serious injuries. This is important so you can get a police report’s copy. A police report is a perfect way of acquiring immediate documentation with accurate details.

2.      Seek Help from an Experienced Lawyer

It is advisable that you avoid handling any personal injury case yourself. Do you know why? When you are traumatized and in pain, managing personal injury cases and insurance claims will be overwhelming. Plus, insurers play games as well as pressure victims to drop their insurance claims. This is why you need a truck accident lawyer San Jose residents trust. Your attorney will not just determine the case severity. They will also calculate the accidents’ damages, fight for your legal rights, and negotiate the value of your compensation.

3.      Gather Evidence

After a truck accident in San Jose, trucking companies get informed of the collision right away. One or two people from the company’s ‘Go Team’ will come to the scene so they can take possession of their truck. Before you know it, the truck is towed many miles away, and pieces of evidence can get destroyed when the truck is written off either as repaired or a total loss. Gathering video or picture evidence at the accident scene will provide indisputable and baseline evidence of the collision. If you contacted an attorney immediately after the collision, they may help you preserve evidence. These pieces of evidence may include the following:

●        Witness statements – Your attorney will locate everyone who might have witnessed the collision and get their contact details. Witness statements will help to identify the parties at fault.

●        Pictures from the accident scene – Photos will show the collision happened and who caused the accident. 

Following a truck accident in San Jose can make you traumatized and frustrated, not knowing what to do next. If you find yourself in this situation, try to calm yourself down. Once you are relaxed, you can call the medics to offer first aid to the injured persons. Remember also to contact your attorney. Your attorney will not just advice you on the next steps. They will also help you gather enough evidence that you can use in court to get justice.

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Published 12 June 2024, 10:38 IST

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