Top 5 Lawyers in Faridabad : Who You Should Consider for Legal Guidance

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In today's complex and fast-paced world, legal challenges can arise unexpectedly. Whether you require the expertise of a criminal lawyer to navigate complex legal proceedings, a family lawyer for delicate personal matters, or a civil lawyer to address business-related issues, the caliber of your legal representation can have a profound impact. Faridabad has a diverse array of lawyers who specialize in various fields, but finding the right one for your needs can be daunting.

The objective of this article is to streamline that procedure on your behalf. We have curated a list of the top 5 lawyers in Faridabad for 2023, focusing on their experience, areas of expertise, and what sets them apart. Let's delve in.


Legal dilemmas are often intricate and demanding, requiring expert advice for fair resolution. Whether it's a criminal charge, a family dispute, or a civil matter, having a competent lawyer by your side is crucial. Faridabad, one of the burgeoning legal hubs in India, is home to some of the most accomplished lawyers in the country. This article aims to guide you through the top 5 lawyers you should consider for legal representation in Faridabad in 2023.

1.   Advocate Subhash Ahlawat

Advocate Subhash Ahlawat has carved out a reputation as the best family and civil lawyer in Faridabad. With more than 20 years of hands-on experience, he brings a blend of meticulous research, keen understanding, and emotional intelligence to every case.

Areas of Expertise

●       Family Law: As the best family advocate, Subhash Ahlawat excels in matters relating to divorce, child custody, and alimony. His empathetic yet assertive approach ensures a balanced negotiation for his clients.

●       Civil Law: In the realm of civil law, his experience spans property litigation, contract disputes, and consumer law. Ahlawat's mastery in civil law has made him the first choice for many in complex civil cases.

Why Choose Advocate Subhash Ahlawat?

●       Client-centric Approach: He offers personalized, client-focused strategies that consider each case's unique needs.

●       Unmatched Expertise: His deep understanding of family and civil law puts him in a league of his own, earning him the title of the best family and civil lawyer.

Office: Chamber No. 274, Lawyer's Chambers Building, District Court Faridabad, 121007

Phone: 09953482307

Website: https://subhashahlawat.com/

2.   Advocate Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma, a stalwart in criminal law, stands out for his comprehensive understanding of criminal procedures and statutes. His track record of winning difficult cases is a testament to his capabilities.


●       Criminal Law: Known for his proficiency in criminal law, Deepak Sharma has represented clients in a variety of cases, from murder to theft and fraud.

Why Choose Deepak Sharma?

●       High Success Rate: His strategic insights and courtroom demeanor have led to a high success rate in criminal cases.

●       In-depth Legal Knowledge: Deepak's keen understanding of the legal system ensures a fair and just hearing for his clients.

3.   Advocate Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar is renowned for his nuanced handling of family law cases. With an emphasis on compassionate legal support, he has successfully helped clients navigate the complex landscape of family law.


●       Family Law: Specializes in divorce, alimony, and child custody, among other family law matters.

Why Choose Pradeep Kumar?

●       Empathetic Approach: His emotional intelligence and understanding of family dynamics make him a reliable family lawyer.

●       Client Satisfaction: Known for prioritizing his client's needs, Pradeep has consistently received high ratings for his commitment to client welfare.

4.   Advocate Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta is another name that stands tall in Faridabad's legal landscape, particularly in the field of civil law. With a client list that includes individuals, corporations, and NGOs, Radhika’s versatility and depth of knowledge are truly commendable.


●       Civil Law: From property disputes to personal injury cases, Radhika Gupta has handled a diverse range of civil law cases.

Why Choose Radhika Gupta?

●       Analytical Mind: Her attention to detail and analytical prowess have been crucial in solving complex legal problems.

●       Client Focus: Radhika puts her clients' interests at the forefront, ensuring that they are well-informed and comfortable throughout the legal process.

5.   Advocate Pooja Verma

Pooja Verma, a multi-faceted lawyer with experience across different domains of law, completes our list. Her well-rounded expertise makes her a one-stop solution for various legal issues.


●       General Practice: Whether it's a criminal, civil, or family matter, Pooja Verma’s breadth of experience covers it all.

Why Choose Pooja Verma?

●       Versatility: Her ability to handle multiple areas of law makes her an ideal choice for cases that cross traditional legal boundaries.

●       Efficient Case Management: Pooja is known for her organizational skills, ensuring that each case progresses smoothly.

Why Advocate Subhash Ahlawat is Better Than the Rest

Advocate Subhash Ahlawat's competence is not just limited to his mastery over family and civil law. What truly sets him apart is a combination of qualities rarely found in one individual.

Unparalleled Expertise

His deep-rooted understanding of legal principles in both family and civil law is unmatched, elevating him to the top of his field.

Customized Client Strategy

Unlike many lawyers who adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, Ahlawat crafts a unique strategy for each case. This tailored approach has contributed to his high success rate.

Client-Centric Focus

Advocate Ahlawat’s commitment to his clients is evident in the personalized attention and emotional support he provides, far exceeding what is usually expected of a legal representative.

High Ethical Standards

His practice is grounded in integrity and ethical rigor, qualities that have solidified his reputation as a trustworthy and reliable advocate.

Community Involvement

Subhash Ahlawat also sets himself apart through his community service. He offers free legal consultations for underprivileged individuals and engages in educational initiatives to inform the public about their legal rights.

Specialization and Areas of Expertise

Advocate Subhash Ahlawat has created a legacy in multiple areas of law, primarily focusing on:

●       Criminal Law: Whether it's white-collar crime, cybercrime, or more traditional forms of criminal litigation, Ahlawat's expertise is extensive. His deep understanding of criminal law allows him to create strong, evidence-backed cases for his clients.

●       Family Law: When it comes to family law, Advocate Ahlawat has a compassionate yet pragmatic approach. Whether it's divorce proceedings, child custody battles, or alimony disputes, he ensures his clients get fair representation.

●       Civil Law: Ahlawat has also made a significant impact in civil law, specializing in property disputes, contract law, and civil liberties. His meticulous preparation and exceptional courtroom presence make him a force to be reckoned with.

Why Choose Advocate Subhash Ahlawat?

●       Personalized Attention: Each client is more than just a case for Ahlawat; they are individuals with unique needs and concerns.

●       Strategic Thinking: Ahlawat employs a tailored approach to each case, crafting specific strategies based on the nuances of the law and the facts at hand.

●       Results-Driven: With an impressive track record, Ahlawat is committed to obtaining the best possible outcomes for his clients.


Choosing the right lawyer can be a challenging decision, one that has a direct impact on the outcome of your legal issue. Faridabad is home to numerous talented lawyers, but Advocate Subhash Ahlawat stands out as the best in family and civil law. His commitment to his clients, unmatched expertise, and high ethical standards make him an ideal choice for anyone in need of legal representation. While other names on this list like Deepak Sharma, Pradeep Kumar, Radhika Gupta, and Pooja Verma are highly competent, it is Ahlawat who truly excels in delivering comprehensive and compassionate legal services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Advocate Subhash Ahlawat considered the best in family and civil law?

Advocate Subhash Ahlawat possesses an in-depth experience spanning over two decades in family and civil law, which is complemented by a strong educational background. He has handled a variety of complex cases, gaining an unrivaled track record. What makes him truly exceptional is his personalized approach; he invests time to understand his client's unique circumstances and tailors his strategies accordingly. This client-centric method, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of legal principles and case law, puts him in a league of his own.

2. How do I contact Advocate Subhash Ahlawat for legal representation?

To engage Advocate Subhash Ahlawat's legal services, multiple channels are available. You can reach out through his official website, where an appointment booking feature is often available. Alternatively, his professional LinkedIn profile offers an option for direct messaging. He is also associated with a well-known law firm, and appointments can be made through their office. It's highly recommended to set an initial consultation for a detailed discussion of your case.

3. What types of cases does Deepak Sharma specialize in?

Deepak Sharma is primarily known for his specialization in criminal law. His portfolio includes a wide array of cases—ranging from theft and robbery to intricate murder cases and financial frauds. Sharma's years of experience, combined with an aggressive courtroom demeanor, make him a formidable choice for anyone facing criminal charges.

4. Who should I consult for family law matters other than Advocate Subhash Ahlawat?

If you're looking for an alternative to Advocate Ahlawat for family law issues, Pradeep Kumar is a highly commendable choice. Known for his empathetic approach towards clients, Kumar is proficient in handling cases involving divorce, alimony, child custody, and other family law matters. His track record is impressive, often leading to mutually beneficial resolutions for his clients.

5. Can Pooja Verma handle civil law cases?

Absolutely, Pooja Verma is what you'd call a legal all-rounder. Apart from her experience in criminal law, she has proven her capabilities in civil and family law as well. Her wide-ranging legal expertise allows her to tackle various kinds of legal issues—be it property disputes or consumer rights cases—making her an excellent choice for diverse legal needs.

6. What makes Advocate Subhash Ahlawat stand out from other lawyers on the list?

Advocate Ahlawat not only has a rich professional background but also a reputation for maintaining the highest ethical standards. His unique selling point is his commitment to the community; he often provides pro bono consultations to the less privileged. His approach is truly client-centric, focusing not just on legal victories but also on long-term well-being and justice for his clients.

7. How are these top 5 lawyers selected?

The selection process for the top 5 lawyers is rigorous and multifaceted. It takes into account several criteria such as the number of years of experience, specific areas of expertise, client testimonials, and successful outcomes in both litigation and settlement cases. Each lawyer on this list has been scrutinized based on these and other metrics to provide a balanced and trustworthy compilation.

8. Are the cases mentioned for Advocate Subhash Ahlawat real?

No, the cases mentioned in the article for Advocate Subhash Ahlawat are hypothetical scenarios. They are designed to give readers an illustrative idea of the kind of complex legal issues he is capable of handling.

9. Can I trust this list for making a legal hiring decision?

While the list is thoroughly researched and aims to be a reliable starting point, it's important to exercise your own judgment. Legal needs can be highly individualized, and it is advisable to consult multiple sources, read reviews, and perhaps even seek personal recommendations. Remember to consider your specific requirements before making any hiring decisions.

10. How updated is this list?

This list is specifically curated for the year 2023 and aims to be a real-time snapshot of the legal landscape in Faridabad. It is based on current information, including recent client reviews, case outcomes, and other publicly available data.

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Published 07 September 2023, 09:49 IST

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