Domino's unveils India's first 'chicken-like' veg pizza

Domino's launches India's first 'chicken-like' veg pizza

There has been a rising demand for plant-based meat due to a backlash against the meat industry for its contribution to global warming

Domino's. Credit: Reuters Photo

Domino's Pizza has introduced India's first plant-protein based product, the 'Unthinkable Pizza,' which it claims, is '100 per cent chicken-like and 100 per cent vegetarian".

According to a report in Mint, the pizza is completely made from plant-based proteins, Domino's Pizza's parent company Jubilant FoodWorks said.

There has been a rising demand globally for plant-based meat due to a due to backlash against the meat industry for its contribution to global warming. 

"Plant proteins have caught the imagination of consumers around the world, and Domino’s Pizza is the first QSR brand to bring this latest trend to India," the company said. "The Unthinkable Pizza" will provide both vegetarians and non-vegetarians an interesting and innovative option in the menu," the popular pizza chain added.

The new pizza will be available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. 

"This innovative and 100 per cent vegetarian product will allow Indian consumers to experience the plant-protein wave sweeping across the world," said Pratik Pota, chief executive officer, Jubilant FoodWorks.

"Domino’s has always brought pioneering innovations to the Indian market, and we are happy to once again be the first to bring this trend to India," he added.