Flipkart order pending for 6 years: Customer gets call about 'issue'

The post shared by the individual shows the order was placed in 2018.
Last Updated : 27 June 2024, 13:17 IST

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A Mumbai man received a call from e-commerce giant Flipkart about an order that was pending from six years back. Ahsan Kharbai shared his experience on X on June 25, saying "After 6 yrs Flipkart called me for this order," and added a laughing emoticon after this, adding "Asking me what issue I was facing."

The post has a screenshot of his order history which shows Ahsan had asked for a pair of Sparx slippers in May 2018.

Speaking to Hindustan Times he said "I was surprised when they called for an order that is 6 years old," adding ," They never arrived and it always showed arriving today on their app. Till this day it shows ‘arriving today’."

He recounted that he had recently clicked on the order to see what it showed, and then he received a call from Flipkart. "The customer care representative asked me if I did not get any call from the logistics team. He ended the call saying ‘we are very sorry for this sir'," he noted.

The Mumbaikar noted that since the order was marked as cash-on-delivery he did not trouble himself with pursuing the issue. He also claimed there was no option on the app to cancel the order.

He said that he wanted Flipkart to close the order since each time he opened the order section it was the first one he would see.

The post has since gone viral on social media, garnering numerous views and likes. One individual noted that an order they placed in 2015 is still shown as 'out for delivery' while another quipped that 'good things take time'.

"Maybe you opened Flipkart from Internet Explorer," one individual joked.

Another suggested that the Ahsan should have told Flipkart that they would get a reply from him in 2050.

Published 27 June 2024, 13:17 IST

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