Tech CEOs visit Washington to lobby for H1B visa, tax reforms

Last Updated 11 March 2011, 05:45 IST

TechNet, a bipartisan policy and political network of CEOs for promoting the growth of the innovation economy, said in a statement that it supports a complete overhaul of the nation's highly skilled immigration system to better reflect the realities of today's global economy.

This could be achieved "by increasing the number of H-1B visas available to foreign-born workers, speeding up the employment-based green card application process and ensuring that foreign-born students who graduate with advanced degrees from US colleges and universities are able to stay in the country instead of sending home to US competitors," it said.

The TechNet executives are meeting with senior Obama Administration officials and an array of bipartisan Congressional leaders to advocate for a robust innovation policy agenda comprising three critical areas: improving the nation's education system and human capital support; fostering a globally competitive business climate, including comprehensive tax reform; and driving investment for clean technology and 21st century energy solutions.

"To win the future, America must invest in innovation and the future discoveries that will create good paying jobs for more of our people," said TechNet President and CEO Rey Ramsey.

"To reach this goal, we must make the smart policy choices on R&D, education, comprehensive tax reform, high skilled immigration and protecting intellectual property.

These are fundamental kitchen table issues that will help grow jobs here in America. Our message to our policy leaders is that we will work with you to ensure that America remains the world’s center of innovation and economic growth," he said.

TechNet said it is committed to advancing US competitiveness, economic growth and job creation.

"Public policies and private sector initiatives that spur our nation's innovation-driven economy are essential to the nation's economic recovery.

"By focusing our activities on a few key issues, TechNet maximises its impact on those public policy issues most affecting the national economy," it said.

TechNet said it supports greater market access through the adoption of foreign trade agreements still pending before Congress and working with the US government to identify new market opportunities and protect companies from unfair trade practices.

(Published 11 March 2011, 05:41 IST)

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