Beware of fake Wordle apps on Google Play, Apple Store

Beware of fake Wordle apps on Google Play, Apple App Store

Whenever a game or a similarly themed TV series gets global attention, cybercriminals get busy with creating clones with ulterior intention to fleece unsuspecting and naive mobile users. We saw how fake Squid Games-inspired apps mushroomed on Google Play Store and this time, it is the turn of the ‘Wordle’ puzzle, which has become a sensation among internet users.

Wordle is a simple word-guessing game and each participant will get just six attempts to put alphabets and complete the word. The interface is pretty simple and comes with trademark grids of grey, yellow, and green squares. This has hooked millions of people into playing the Wordle game around the world. It is very addictive similar to the old Hangman Words.

With a huge interest in Worldly, bad actors have introduced similar apps on both Google Play and Apple App Store. They have mimicked the app’s template design and also user-interface to hoodwink naive users into installing the app on their phones and even charging to play the game.

Both Google and Apple have taken notice of the fraud and are removing the Wordle clone apps from their respective platforms.

Also, mobile phone users who have already installed the fake Wordle app are advised to uninstall it immediately. Some apps may steal personal and financial details without the device owner ever knowing it and this will definitely make them pay dearly if they don’t take it seriously.

If you really want to play the real ‘Wordle’ game, go to the official website (here).

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