'Imperative to embed cybersecurity in digitisation'

Budget 2021 | Imperative to embed cybersecurity at the most initial stage of digitisation, says Kaspersky GM

Dipesh Kaura. Credit: Kaspersky.

By Dipesh Kaura,

The financial budget for 2021 will be very crucial for various sectors including Tech/IT, especially after the year 2020-where economic growth of our country almost came to a standstill, due to the pandemic and its after effects. However, it was the use of digital technology that helped companies run their businesses remotely and steadily throughout the year.

It is a fact that the emerging trend of digital transformation created various opportunities for us, however, it also led us to a juncture where newer opportunities met newer threats. The use of digital technology has not only transformed the way we operate today, but has also opened gates for nefarious cybercriminals that are waiting to exploit our vulnerabilities. From growing number of cyberattacks on enterprises, critical infrastructures, consumers, to increased cyber warfare, we have witnessed a drastic change in India's threat landscape in the past year.

To keep the digital transformation ongoing, it is imperative to embed cybersecurity at the most initial stage of digitisation. While Digital India is our future, the right investment made in cybersecurity today can help us secure this future, and hence the funds should be allocated accordingly. Increase in cybersecurity awareness and maturity amongst the growing internet users in India is equally important in order to protect them from the potential threats and encourage them to explore opportunities digitally.

It is true that the Finance Minister has to look at various aspects while announcing the budget, but with right investments made in the technology sector, the country is sure to soar to new heights.

(The author is General Manager, Kaspersky (South Asia))