A scented dawn awaits joggers, walkers at Lalbagh

A scented dawn awaits joggers, walkers at Lalbagh

The horticulture department is preparing to plant aromatic plants in Lalbagh.

Come May, as many as 1,300 aromatic plants will greet and refresh morning walkers and joggers at the famous Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bengaluru.

Making use of the barren area, especially behind the Lalbagh Metro Station which was infested with weeds and strewn with garbage, the horticulture department has not only cleaned the area but also prepared the ground for planting of wide varieties of aromatic plants all over the area.

According to sources in the horticulture department, joggers and walkers had previously complained about the garbage and the weeds. The issue had also been raised by walkers and joggers who took part in the citizen interaction programme ‘Janaspandana’ organised by DH and PV in November 2018.

Acting on the complaints, the department has cleared the area and dug up as many as 1,300 pits for planting.

Chandrashekhar M R, Deputy Director of Lalbagh, acknowledged that the work is under way and hopefully by May, the stretch will be ready with plants.

“The stretch spanning over a kilometre only had eucalyptus trees along with thorny bushes. People feared to go around the area. But after clearing out the bushes, we have laid out a joggers’ track and on either side and a wide range of aromatic plants will be planted,” he explained.

The officer further added the stretch is deprived of water and only plants that withstand arid conditions will be planted. “Hence we have decided to plant aromatic plants that bear flower all through the year and also refresh joggers and walkers with a pleasing fragrance,” he said.

The official said they had chosen five to six colourful varieties of nerium oleander (Kanagile) besides light shade trees like conocarpus lancifolious (Tug tree).

“We have prepared the pits. Soon after the first rains before or after Ugadi, we will plant seedlings all over the area so that by monsoon the stretch will be green and treat for visitors,” he said.