Auto driver rapes, brutally assaults woman

Auto driver rapes, brutally assaults woman


A simple errand such as hailing an auto-rickshaw from her own locality became a homemaker’s worst nightmare. 

The driver tailed the 37-year-old woman, barged into her home, dragged her into the bedroom and gagged her before raping her. The assault didn’t end there. He bit her lower lip so hard that it was severed, which he then spat on the floor. He even tried to strangle her and smashed her head with a steel bottle. The man then snatched her gold chain. The woman screamed for help, ran into the bathroom and locked herself in. He took away some more gold jewellery before fleeing. Neighbours later took the woman to a hospital. 

The horrific rape and brutal assault took place at Sidedahalli near Bagalagunte, North Bengaluru, on Thursday. Police took the woman’s statement in the hospital and tracked the suspect down hours later. They identified him as Nagaraj, 36, also from Sidedahalli. 

Nagaraj is not married and lives with his mother and brother. He had discontinued studies after SSLC and started driving an auto-rickshaw. 

The woman had once hailed Nagaraj’s auto. Police said he set eyes on her and waited for an opportunity. After noticing that she was alone at home on Thursday, he decided to pounce on her. When he knocked on the door, the woman asked him what he wanted. He then suddenly barged in and committed the crime, police added.