Didn’t step into Bellandur lake, says actor Rashmika

Didn’t step into Bellandur lake, says actor Rashmika

An underwater picture of Rashmika Mandanna that went viral on social media.

Actor Rashmika Mandanna’s recent post on social media showing her standing near the Bellandur Lake and a woman floating in a waterbody has gone viral.

These photographs were a part of a photoshoot done earlier this year about awareness on water pollution by her friend Sanmathi Prasad.

“Sanmathi came up with this idea and told me that the shoot was being done out of her and the team’s concern for the environment. I was interested in doing my part. I had never been to Bellandur Lake and the morning of the shoot, the sights I saw broke my heart. There was foam everywhere. I still don’t know how people live there,” said the actress.

Asked if the photographs were shot inside the lake, she said, “My posts clearly say that I was near the Bellandur Lake and it broke my heart. I didn’t step into the lake. You can’t get into the lake, it is that bad. Even when we were trying to take shots of the lake, we had to run back to the car gasping for air as the air smelled that toxic.”

The underwater photographs were shot at a pool at another friend’s place, she added. Though her posts are fetching responses by many, no official has contacted her yet. “I just wanted to post the photographs up and tell people that we all need to work on this situation,” she said.

Rashmika added, “I don’t know if other actors will join in or add their voice to such campaigns. I wanted to do this and I did. The change won’t happen overnight; it is a long process but if things start now, the change will happen over the years.”

What residents near the Bellandur Lake said?

Preetha Singh from Bellandur said: “Although we could not find the actress near the lake, we have been reading about it on social media.

“None of the marshals have reported seeing her. The actress, obviously, did not step into the waters, as the lake is in a pathetic condition and stinky. Also, the froth that is seen in one of her pictures clearly says that she did not step into the lake, as there has been no froth for the past two weeks now.”

Umesh Kumar from Bellandur lauded the actress on the initiative.

“As an actress, she is being followed by many on social media and elsewhere. That way, the state of the lake will be revealed to many. But I am sure her posts alone are not going to help.”