BBMP schools demand basic facilities first, tech later

BBMP schools demand basic facilities first, tech later

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Give us basic infrastructure first, several BBMP schools and colleges have told the Palike, which has embarked on the ambitious smart class project under the Roshni scheme in association with Microsoft.

Over 100 of the 156 educational institutes under the BBMP have made this plea.

At a recent meeting convened by the Palike’s Standing Committee on Education, a majority of the schools said they would not be able to offer any other activities since the most basic needs are not met.

Imran Pasha, chairman of the committee, told DH that when principals were called for a meeting, most of them complained that they did not even have sufficient toilets for the girls studying there.  

“After taking charge, I visited schools in Shivajinagar, Tasker Town, Dispensary Road, Austin Town and Jagjivanramnagar to do a reality check. Their condition is pathetic. If one girl student has to go to the washroom, she has to be accompanied by another because the washrooms have no doors,” he said.

The Education Committee at one of the council meetings had pointed out that education was allocated a meagre Rs 36 crore in the budget. Later, the allocation was increased to Rs 40 crore.

Microsoft, along with Tech Avant Grade launched Roshini, a scheme to provide computers and smart class facilities to 150 BBMP institutes.

“Microsoft said they would spend Rs 500 crore for the project, which is to be undertaken over five years,” said Pasha.

“So far, they have submitted to us that just Rs 54 lakh has been spent,” said Pasha.

The committee has, however, not been given details about the spending. “We asked them to tell us where the amount was spent. There has been no response from their end. They told us that until the basic infrastructure is provided, Roshini cannot be implemented.”

Ali Sait, CEO, Tech Avant Garde said that they were in need of basic facilities to start the classes. “The rooms must be repainted and in good condition. This will not be possible while classes are under way since relocating students would be a challenge. We hope to start off during the summer vacation,” he said.

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