Jackson synonymous with baby steps into music

MJ transcended all divides, changed the face of entertainment

 From swearing metal-heads to punk and classic-rockers to Bollywood music buffs, Jackson was synonymous with baby steps into all things musical.

Jackson’s erratic and mostly eccentric life notwithstanding, the iconic pop singer will enter the annals of history as someone who changed the face of entertainment. The idol transcended all divides including race, religion, gender, economic and most famously, even the Cold War. And a large number of Bangaloreans, who idolised him at one point or another will remember Jackson for the fluidity and grace with which he performed.  Jackson might have often been bread and butter material for tabloids, but for all those artistes who have come and gone, the ‘King of Pop’ still has the distinction of having the highest selling record of all time ‘Thriller’.

“I am completely shocked. I woke up to the news today and I just did not see it coming. I have grown up listening to the King of Pop and I’m still shocked.”

Samyuktha Madappa

“ He will be remembered for his trademark dance moves and the way he revolutionised the music scene. His influence on pop music has been immense and has altered its course. The history of pop will be thought of in After Jackson and Before Jackson terms.”

Pooja Khandelwal

“Jackson was a legend in his own right. This news is shocking and this would also have an economic impact on people. I heard in one of the radio channels that the promoter of his upcoming tour stands to lose a lot of money.”

Nisha Nair

“It is a very sad moment. This is depressing particularly because he had announced his tour. I was hoping to watch him if he came on tour”

Kim Kim

“This is a great loss to the music industry. He had promised last tour and to die just before is a little ironic and sums up his life.”

Hemanth Raj Badri

“I didn’t expect this at all. He is someone who everybody has admired for his dancing skills. At some point everybody including me has tried to replicate his dance steps and failed miserably.”

Sathosh Rangarajan

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