BIFFES 2019: Hattrick will sweep you off your feet

BIFFES 2019: Hattrick will sweep you off your feet

The Iranian film is a fun, thrilling watch

The organisers of the 11th Edition of Bengaluru International Film Festival picked Iran as the focus country and the audience couldn't get enough of the films from the region. Not only were a variety of films showcased from Iran, but viewers also braved long lines to catch most of them. 

Hattrick, a film by Ramtin Lavafi, was one such film which saw a packed theatre. The film had the audience rapt in attention and also evoked from them apt reactions. From the 'oohs' to 'wow' and even whistles. Hattrick is a film that tells a story, creates immense mystery, has light moments and yet is simple. 

The simplicity lies in the film's narration. Set in not more than three to four locations, the entire film travels deep into the characters' lives. As the story unravels, the audience will feel the shock, sadness and joy along with Farzad (Amir Jadidi), his wife Lida (Parinaz Izadyar), their friend Keivan (Saber Abar) and his girlfriend Raha (Mahoor Alvand).

The main plot of Hattrick begins with the four friends on their way to their homes from a party when Farzad, who is driving, hits something or someone, yet chooses to drive away. They are engulfed with worry, guilt and even anger. What follows is just discussion that leads from one thing to another and brings in focus some uncomfortable truths and hypocrisy of the characters. 

But Hattrick is not your everyday thriller which will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Rather, it is an entertaining piece of cinema which conveys some serious messages without creating any tension. Like a funny instance when Lida, who is tired of husband's immaturity, keeps storming away from him in anger, and each of the time, Farzad quips- 'She will return'. Those instances were greeted with laughter by the audience, but all it showed was how Farzad had taken Lida for granted amidst all his follies and childish decisions. In fact, Amir Jadidi and Parinaz Izadyar play their characters to such perfection that even though one will find Farzad's emotions childlike and beautiful, we hope Lida never returns to Farzad (keep an eye out for the scene where Farzad is engrossed in TV while in the background Raha and Keivan are involved in a serious discussion)

At times, films that have nothing but only conversations tend to move at a slow pace, but not Hattrick. With every conversation, the audience is clueless if it will be a serious revelation or a fun, everyday joke. Either of the two will definitely keep you glued to your seats till the very end. 

All four main actors win every scene that is beautifully placed by Lavafi. Lavafi not only speaks volumes with small scenes, but he is successful in creating a lasting impression on the audience's mind with this masterpiece. Hattrick is a no-miss and totally worth a shot!

Hattrick will be screened at the BIFFES 2019 on February 28, Thursday at 4:20 pm at Screen 5.