Not aware of black marketing of passes, claims KSCA

Not aware of black marketing of passes, claims KSCA

The Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) on Thursday responded to a story published in Metrolife of DH of May 3 that IPL free passes were sold for a hefty amount.

In a statement, Vinay Mruthyunjaya, Official Spokesperson, KSCA said:

“We express our shock and dismay with the article appearing on May 3, in DH Metrolife, with the heading ‘IPL free passes sold for Rs 7,000.’ 

“It is stated that complimentary tickets are sold in black near the stadium by touts. The article is suggestive to indicate that it is only KSCA who are issuing the complimentary passes and insiders from KSCA are involved in this activity. 

“At the outset, we vehemently deny this allegation and emphatically state that KSCA has various checks and balances for the issue of complimentary passes. The fact that our officials shooed away the holder of a pass obtained in black clearly indicates that our internal controls are in place.

“We would like to place on record that, at KSCA, we have no information about such rampant black marketing of tickets or passes. Neither the police have brought any such instance to our notice nor has any complaint been received from the general public.

Complete control

“The complimentary ticket of Rs 750 displayed in the Metrolife article is that of Stand P3, with a capacity of over 3,000 seats. The only part of the complimentary passes is handled by KSCA. Rest, the majority is under complete control of the franchise. We are not privy to whom the tickets are sold or complimentary is issued. 

“KSCA is entitled to a small percentage of complimentary passes, which is given out to past cricketers, former Test and Ranji players, affiliated cricket clubs, present cricketers, umpires, officials and also members and their families. 

“As far as P3 stand passes are concerned, KSCA uses them primarily to distribute among VIPs, including, but not limited, to ministers, Governor’s office, elected representatives, police, IAS, government officials, government agencies and also the press fraternity. We also appeal to the police to strengthen their vigilance and book the culprit.”

DH response

Several cricket fans and cricketers have come out in support of our expose. It is not our contention that KSCA is solely responsible for the sale of tickets in black. Any cricket fan will vouch for how tickets are freely available in black even after the counters at the stadium and online portals close their sales.

DH has spent hours at the stadium, ahead of each match, to understand how the racket works. We urge KSCA, if it is serious about curbing the practice, to examine video footage, conduct an internal inquiry and call for a police investigation. We stand by our report.