Now, get rental agreements at BangaloreOne centres

Now, get rental agreements at BangaloreOne centres

Residents of Bengaluru can now have their rental agreements and other legal documents created at any BangaloreOne centre. 

The online services were launched on Tuesday by, a Bengaluru-based LegalTech startup, in association with BangaloreOne.

All one needs to do is submit the details required to draft the agreement, pay the stamp duty and give the delivery address. The agreement will be created and delivered by LegalDesk. The service was launched at the Malleswaram BangaloreOne centre by MLA C N Ashwath Narayan, noted film actor Diganth Manchale and some officials from the Directorate of Electronic Delivery of Citizen Services (EDCS). 

Ashwath Narayan stated that with the service being made available through BangaloreOne centres, citizens from all sections of society would have access to well-drafted rental agreements and legal documents at a reasonable price. 

Krupesh Bhat, the founder of LegalDesk, said the rental agreement service was the first of the many other documentation services to be provided at BangaloreOne centres. "We will soon introduce many other online documentation services such as Aadhaar-based eSign, will, power of attorney, name change, general agreements and more. We will extend these services to citizen service centres in other cities in the coming days," Bhat said.

BangaloreOne centres are citizen service centres (CSC) that provide and carry services and information between the government, businesses and customers. Some of the services provided are payment of property tax, utility bills, traffic fines, transport bookings, government job recruitment, skill development and issuance of voter ID cards.