Protective ointment for pesticide handlers on display

Protective ointment for pesticide handlers on display

An ointment and a protective gown are on the display at the Krishi Mela.

According to Praveen Kumar Vemula, a scientist at the Institute for Stem Cell Science, the newly developed ointment and the gown would protect farmers from the risk and side effects of harmful pesticides.

“The ointment will provide 100% protection to farmers against the harmful chemicals in pesticides,” Vemula to DH.

“Most of the pesticides belongs to organophosphates category, which can easily enter the body through the skin and while breathing. Hence, it is advised to wear gloves, face closing masks and boots to reduce the side effect while spraying pesticides. But in our country, the poor farmers cannot afford these expensive devices. They use just a towel to cover themselves which is dangerous for their health, he added.

“To avoid the organophosphates chemicals from entering our body through our skin this ointment can be used,” Vemula said.