'Rs 93,000 cr needed for B'lore infra'

'Rs 93,000 cr needed for B'lore infra'

'Road, transport, urban drainage require heavy investment'

'Rs 93,000 cr needed for B'lore infra'

The state government on Thursday presented a case before members of the 14th Finance Commission that upgrading Bangalore’s infrastructure facilities would require Rs 93,041 crore across eight sector from 2015 to 2020 and sought special assistance in this regard from the Centre.

The government has urged that Bangalore be treated as a special case given that the City has come to represent Brand India in the world of technology. It has justified the huge investment requirement by stating that Bangalore is the fourth largest economy in the country next to Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Bangalore has also emerged as the top five preferred destinations for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) along with Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Chennai.

In his presentation before 14th Finance Commission headed by former RBI Governor Y V Reddy, Urban Development department principal secretary P N Srinivasachary said  investment would be required in the eight sectors of water supply and sewerage, roads and road related infrastructure, solid waste management, transport infrastructure, lake development, urban drainage, civic amenities, urban land transport (DULT). 

Srinivasachary said the state government through its own resources and borrowing could raise Rs 42,646 crore during 2015-20 resulting in a cumulative financing gap at Rs 51,140 crore. He said special assistance would be required to fill the financial gap.

At the same time, the government had recognised the need for building institutional capacity to manage the high spendings. At present, various civic agencies like BBMP, BWSSB, BMRDA, BMTC, BDA have a capacity to spend Rs 7,000 crore per annum.
The biggest chunk of investment would be required in the sector of roads and road related infrastructure (Rs 36,350 crore), followed by transport infrastructure (Rs 29,630 crore) and urban drainage (Rs 8,000 crore).

The funds would be utilises for construction of Satellite Ring Road and Intermediate Ring Road, develop tier-II and III cities around Bangalore, provide affordable and self-sustaining public transport, increase share of public transport to 65 lakh commuters, develop sub-rail system and bus rapid system.

CM’s request

Earlier, in his address, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that upgrading Bangalore’s infrastructure was an urgent need in order to cope up with an ever increasing demand for world-class urban services.

“Being the second fastest growing city in the country, Bangalore’s infrastructure is under tremendous strain. We request the Commission to generously support funding of infrastructure of Bangalore to enable it sustain its phenomenal growth”, Siddaramaiah said.  The recommendations of the Commission will come into effect from April 2015.

Current Level of Expenditure

Name of     Current Level of     Average Expenditure/
Agency    Expenditure     Annum for 2015-20                 based on Total Investment

* BWSSB    1755    789      
* BMTC    237    1,137      
* BDA    550    2,126      
* BMRCL    2,322    4,789      
* BBMP    2,088    7,629      
* BMRDA    4    1,650      
* DULT    50    488     

Total    7006    18,608

    (Rs. in Crore)

Year-wise Financial Requirement

Agencies    FY 16    FY 17    FY 18    FY 19    FY 20    Total   

* BWSSB    670    975    1035    735    530    3,945       
* BMTC     806    978    1,106    1,348    1,446    5,684       
* BDA    4,300    3,650    2,300    200    180    10,630       
* BMRCL     5,963    5,934    6,245    5,804    0    23,946       
* BBMP    6,867    7,250    7,631    8,006    8,393    38,146       
* BMRDA    1,485    1,568    1,650    1,733    1,815    8,250       
* DULT    488    488    488    488    488    2,440       

Total    20,579    20,843    20,455    18,314    12,852    93,041
(Rs. in Crore)  

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