Startup showcases device to ensure safe delivery

Startup showcases device to ensure safe delivery

Warning an expectant mother about a possible complication that the child could develop, an unusual heart rate, or an alert on the uterine contractions, could go a long way in ensuring a safe delivery. Now, Janitri Innovations, a startup that is developing technology to better mother and child healthcare says they could offer a solution.

Founded by Arun Agarwal, Janitri is one among the many startups on show at the Jagriti Yatra 2018, that was underway in Bengaluru on Thursday. Janitri has developed a unique application and a product that will help trace fetal heart rate and monitor uterine contractions.

The device, the size of a palm, can be stuck onto the mother's abdomen at the onset of labour pain. The device then gathers signals of the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions which is later processed into data. A monitor, that can be suspended from the mother's neck will record the data.  

Vaishnavi C, signal processing engineer at Janitri Innovations, said that the device would cost about Rs 40,000. "This works on the same principle as the ECG. Instead of dopler, we use electrophysiological technology," she explained.

Ready data is available for hospitals as a mother moves in for delivery. "We are already working with several hospitals in the state. It is being tested in St Johns and Rangadore hospitals in Bengaluru among the other places," said Vaishnavi.

A project in North Karnataka districts is also in the pipeline where a large scale study would be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the device, the number of lives it can save and hence its contribution towards the reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

The device, the startup believes, would be of great help, especially, in rural areas. "The need to shift the mother to a better hospital can be analysed easily as an alarm is sent if the child is in distress," said Aditi, a staff at the startup.