Violent 'Jai Shriram' choking Gandhian 'Hey Ram'

Violent 'Jai Shriram' choking Gandhian 'Hey Ram'

Writers D S Nagabhushan, Devanuru Mahadeva and Justice (retd) A J Sadashiva pay floral tributes to a Gandhi statue at an event on Sunday. DH PHOTO/RANJU P

Expressing concern over the disregard for Gandhian ideology, senior writer Devanuru Mahadava said the violent force of ‘Jai Shriram’ was trying to eliminate ‘Hey Ram’ (the last words of Mahatma Gandhi) from the country.

He was speaking after releasing ‘Gandhi Kathana’, a book by D S Nagabhushan, on Sunday. “If Godse were to go abroad today, he would still require the name of Gandhi or Ambedkar to introduce the land he came from. He doesn’t have a choice. The same applies to the ideological descendants of Godse. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during his recent foreign visit that India has given Buddha to the world, not war,” he said.

“The British officer who threw Gandhi out of a train in South Africa did not know that the same person would drive out the British from India. If he knew, he wouldn’t have done that. Today, we need to drive out those spreading the ideology of Godse and building his temple,” he said.

A society that adores Gandhi has failed to cultivate his ideology in its everyday life, he said.

Freedom fighter H S Doreswamy said that 15 days before killing Mahatma Gandhi, Godse had visited Bengaluru to participate in an RSS conference. “He also stayed at the residence of the chairman of the reception committee. RSS leaders say they don’t have any connection with Godse though there is a lot of evidence to show that Godse was part of the RSS,” he said.

Writer D S Nagabhushan said those who opposed India’s freedom have been given the reins of the country.