Ward committee put off owing to poll code: Activists

Ward committee put off owing to poll code: Activists

Leo Saldanha

The Environment Support Group monitoring the ward committees complained that many wards have called off meetings citing the election model code of conduct.

The ward committee meetings have to be conducted according to the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 1976. But officials have not called the meeting, citing the poll code of conduct.

"Over the past week, we called the ward committees to ascertain if meetings are being held and if so, when, considering that the first Saturday of the month was a holiday on account of Ugadi.

"However, over 100 ward committees of the 145 contacted informed that meetings will not be held as it is in violation of the election code of conduct,” said Leo F Saldanha, coordinator, Environment Support Group.

He added: "It is a matter of fact that the normative functioning of the ward committees has nothing to do with the poll code. And it is our belief that the elections are being used as an excuse to avoid holding the meetings."

'Issue circular'

The group wrote to the BBMP commissioner asking him to issue a circular to all member secretaries of the committees to conduct the meetings for the month of April and no shelter whatsoever be taken under the questionable premise that it violates the poll code of conduct. "As a part of this study, we ascertain from each and every ward committee if they have met and collected the minutes of the meeting. In addition, we attend these meetings and document the process as much as our resources allow us to."