Golden village for ripened age

Last Updated 08 October 2010, 15:58 IST

 The assisted living complex at Golden Village in Fermai is one such project of Vishwas Trust, a charitable institution, that ensures that the aged live their ripened time with utmost happiness. “The idea of an old age home itself gives an idea of dependency for the elderly and they may feel emotionally shattered when they are asked to move to such homes. The assisted living residential complex is based on a new concept that upholds the dignity and promotes the self worth of the elderly,” opines Founder of Vishwas Charitable Trust Dr Olinda Pereira, speaking to City Herald.

Golden Age village

The Golden Age village is designed for the elderly keeping their needs in mind. The assisted living complex has four living blocks with rooms for the elderly with kitchenettes and other facilities. The village also will have a physiotherapy block, specialised block for Alzheimer’s and related diseases, an emergency relief place for families to keep their elderly for few days, a creative activity centre for arts and crafts, gardening, entertainment games and the like.

“The golden age village is a new concept which is in vogue to the west. The elderly are assisted here but are also provided with freedom as efforts will be made to make the village less institutionalised as possible,” says Dr Olinda and adds the village will provide a suitable environment, personal care and emotional support to maintain a positive self image and promote a creative and productive life.

The village is situated at Fermai on . The village in the two acre land is on its way towards completion and may be occupied by the elderly by mid 2011 after second block is completed, informs Dr Olinda.

Service group    

The trust is also trying to establish a voluntary service group who can relieve families of bed ridden and Alzheimer’s patients for a few hours in a week by looking after the aged.   “It’s the families that suffer the most in case of such patients as they have to put in a lot of effort to look after the aged. Such service groups can give time-out to such people as they can do something of their like without being tensed about the old,” says Dr Olinda and hopes that people volunteer in large numbers.
Daycare centre

The day-care centre at Vishwas is open on all days where the elderly are trained in Yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from  10 am. Lectures on topics of interest, medical check up, celebration of significant days and events, competitions for the elderly, indoor games are some activities that take place here. “With the break-up of joint families, children are not taking responsibilities of their parents and this comes as a shock to the elderly. Vishwas tries to help such elderly,” opines Dr Olinda but also tries to spread the message with the vision of Vishwas Trust embedded in its slogan, “The heart of the elderly is in the home, have a heart for the elderly.”

Vishwas trust tocuching lives

Vishwas Trust was launched in 1999, The International Year for the Elderly by Dr Olinda Pereira, a renowned social worker. Community work, day centres, geriatric care services, field practice centre are some of ongoing services of this trust. Vishwas with collaboration with government and city police tries to reach the elderly in need with its 24 hour service distress helpline 1090 and 2421190.

Vishwas Trust is situated in 4th Cross Valencia Hall Road. You can reach this trust by calling 0824- 2436681, 2430718 and emailing at vishwastrust@dataone.in or for more details visit www.vishwastrust.com

(Published 08 October 2010, 15:58 IST)

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