High drama over dissident MLAs

High drama over dissident MLAs

The BJP leaders claimed that "some goons" took away 11 legislators by being "dragged" inside cars. Initial reports indicated that 13 legislators were taken away but later BJP leaders said that 11 legislators, including 7 of their own party, were "kidnapped" by a group of "goons".

Two BJP MLAs, including Karnataka Revenue Minister Renukacharya, who led the dissidents, were left back. "They (the dissident MLAs) were sitting in a meeting when suddenly goons appeared from nowhere and took them away. We were stunned," BJP MP from Goa Sripad Naik, who took part in the  parleys told the media outside the hotel.

The events came as a surprise for BJP, which was hoping to break the ice with the dissidents by evening. Naik said that the final round of talks were going on when unexpectedly group of "goons" appeared.

"The legislators did not want to go but they were dragged and dumped into the vehicles," Naik said. At the hotel gate, police had cordoned the entire area and legislators packed in four jeeps were taken in a strict protection.

Renukacharya, who was the last one to walk out of the hotel along with BJP supporters said that Janata Dal (S) leader Kumarswamy’s close aide Jamir Ahmad was leading the pack of goons who kidnapped the legislators.

"All the issues had settled. We all were united and had come to a consensus when goons arrived," Renukacharya said. Dissident BJP legislators were holed up in the hotel since Thursday. Karnataka’s Tourism Minister Janardhan Reddy, Goa’s Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar and MP Sripad Naik were the part of reconciliation efforts.
Reddy had left the hotel in the afternoon claiming that he will soon be back.

Sources stated that BJP leaders had held video conferencing with its high command in Delhi to convince the dissidents. With the latest development, the crisis continues to loom large over Yeddyurappa government, who will be facing a trial of strength in the Assembly on Monday.