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Today's letters

Unbecoming act

This refers to ‘Guv, Speaker face off’ (DH). Karnataka MLAs have beaten the earlier records of States of Bihar, UP, Jarkhand, Goa in their behaviour. The "hotel / resort politics" started by NTR of AP is followed by Maharastra and now Karnataka! The Assembly scenes shown on TV are disgusting. How can the elected representatives behave in such an indecent manner throwing all morals and discipline into gutter. Those indulged in such acts should be banned for life from contesting elections.( But law may not permit it!). It is also surprising that the Governor, who should be above party politics, is getting into partisan act. The acts of many MLAs are an insult to their electorate. When indecency, corruption and violent acts start from such leaders, how can we see good governance?

Equally responsible

Governor H R Bharadwaj’s report to the Centre seeking imposition of President’s rule in Karnataka should be ignored. He himself had recognised the defection of the MLAs by taking note of it and interfering in the Speaker’s jurisdiction by assuming overreached constitutional powers.
The Speaker’s act of disqualifying MLAs is what the Governor had himself acknowledged as a logical consequence by his indiscreet partisan role. If the JD(S) combine feels aggrieved they can take the matter to the court or give a fresh notice of no confidence motion. The political trading by the BJP is also equally contemptuous.

V N Ramachandran

Murder of democracy

The unruly behaviour of the MLA's before and after the no confidence motion is really disgusting and nauseating. The voters must regret for voting such people to power. They did not even spare the marshals and the Commissioner of Police. We cannot blame the opposition parties alone for the chaos as Yeddyurappa Govt. too has a role in creating such a situation.


Vicious instability

Sir, the turmoil going on in the political circles of our State seems to have no end and if finally any Govt. comes in to power it will not be any better. The peoples’ ‘representatives’ – barring  a few- are engaged in money making spree and are not bothered about the umpteen problems facing the common man.  With scams around and political instability the future of the State is bleak. It may be worthwhile if our Governor straight away recommends dissolution of assembly and recommends to the Centre for imposition of President’s rule.   And much more, none of the tainted legislators should be allowed to contest in the coming elections.

Thangali Rajan



Tumultuous situation

Sir, the horse trading, kidnapping, goons rule, land grabbing, defections, corruption, etc among the politicians are causing serious concern to the people of Karnataka. The integrity, honesty, morals, etc of the MLAs have been thrown to the winds. It is evident from the reports that there is no selfless and honest patriot to develop our state and raise the standards of our poverty stricken people. Do we need this type of democracy? People are forced to opt for ruthless autocracy where only one may be corrupt and cruel at the head. We are seeing true patriots only in statues, pictures and books. When will these present leaders exit? God help us.

N Ramamurti

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