Cong angry, but not despondent

Cong angry, but not despondent

It is hoping Guv will dismiss govt

 The party is hoping the Raj Bhavan will complete the mission, which the Congress could not accomplish.

Soon after the Yeddyurappa government won the trust vote, Congress MLAs met Governor H R Bhardwaj and demanded the dismissal of the government. Anticipating the outcome of the trust vote, the Congress had prepared in advance a memorandum to the Governor. As soon as the vote on trust motion ended, Congress leaders took the signatures of all MLAs on the copies of the memorandum and rushed to the Raj Bhavan.

KPCC president R V Deshpande said Monday was the “blackest” day in the history of Legislature in the State.

Police had never entered the portals of the Legislature. The speaker, who acted in favour of the ruling party, had lowered dignity of the House.

“I hope the Governor takes into consideration the way the Speaker conducted the session, in preparing his report to the Centre”, he said.

Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah also took exception to Speaker’s decision to ask police in mufti to enter the House and evict members he disqualified. “Never in the history, police were allowed inside the Hall. The police with weapons entered the Hall and threatened the opposition party members”, he said.

Asked if the Congress stake claim to form the alternative government if the Governor dismisses the incumbent, Deshpande and Siddaramaiah said their party had not yet visualised such a situation. “Ours is a national party and the party high-command will decide on that. However, it all depends on the Governor’s report”, Deshpande said.