Sizzlers on a platter

Sizzlers on a platter

Incredible choices

Sizzlers on a platter

tempting Some of the delicacies.To say that the restaurant has an old world charm to it would be apt. From the brightly coloured ceiling to the big grey coloured chairs, the ambience is simple. It doesn’t have the snazzy look that the new eating joints of the City boast of but still holds its own place in the hearts of the foodies in the City.

Blaise D’Souza, who has been managing the place for a long time now, says that Tiffanys started out as a place for sizzlers and steaks. “It is popular for the sizzlers,” he says. The menu card at Tiffanys is almost the size of a book but while here, do try your hand at the huge selection of sizzlers and steaks. It is a treat for the non-veg lovers and they can choose from a chicken sizzling steak, a fish steak sizzler or a lamb shoulder.  The chicken sizzler is simply delicious and would keep any food lover occupied till the last bit is gone.

But the vegetarians don’t have to sulk as there is enough for them to choose from. A cottage cheese steak, corn steak or a vegetable steak are some of the options available.Try out a veg sizzler which is served piping hot to you with fries, carrots and beans. Made from a combination of potato, baby corn and mushrooms, it is a little spicy and just about enough for one person. The food is served elegantly by the waiters who have been there for a long time and the place definitely scores high on style.

The restaurant also serves other cuisines like Mughlai and Chinese for the ones looking for variety. “People like to go for Indian and Chinese starters before they go for a complete meal,” says Blaise.

There is also have a variety of pasta which you can try your hand at. However, the place is known for its continental food and is regular for many office-goers who come in for the lunch buffet or for a relaxed evening. “There are so many companies in this area and a lot of the employees come here very regularly,” says Blaise.

The lunch buffet, which starts at 1 pm, also has a live counter which serves Appam and Kerala Parota.