British fertility device as effective as IVF

Last Updated 18 October 2010, 05:57 IST

The DuoFertility system is pioneered by former students at the Cambridge University.
The scientists claim the 495 pounds device is more accurate than current prediction methods and produces results comparable with IVF fertility treatments.

The findings were reported at the World Association of Reproductive Medicine by Oriane Chausiaux, chief scientific officer for DuoFertility, developed by Cambridge Temperature Concepts, reports the Telegraph.

She told the conference how the DuoFertility programme of research resulted in a pregnancy success rate of 19.5 percent after six months, which is as effective as IVF.
The device works by placing a patch, which is about the size of a 1 pound coin and is worn night and day, under the arm which records the minute changes in the woman's temperature.

It measures body temperature 20,000 times a day to identify a woman's fertile days with 99 percent accuracy.

The device, dubbed the Sat Nav of the fertility world, is claimed to be statistically as good as IVF but at a fraction of the cost, with the added bonus of your money back if there is no pregnancy in a year.

Shamus Husheer, the inventor of DuoFertility, said: "What we now know, as a result of our work, is that for certain causes of infertility, DuoFertility is as effective as IVF."
"Clearly there are some infertility issues where the use of the device is unable to aid pregnancy, such as a complete lack of sperm.

"However, for a range of common causes such as moderate male factors, cycle irregularity and secondary or unexplained infertility, our monitoring device is achieving great results."

(Published 18 October 2010, 05:57 IST)

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