Lingerie-obsessed colonel is serial killer

Lingerie-obsessed colonel is serial killer

Shocking double life

Lingerie-obsessed colonel is serial killer

Colonel Russell Williams once acted as a pilot for Queen Elizabeth. Reuters

Col Russell Williams, 47, on Monday pleaded guilty to raping and killing two women, sexually targeting teen girls and women in their 30s and indulging his fetish for lingerie by taking photographs of himself modelling in them and masturbating for the camera.

So obsessed was he that he would break into homes to steal the lingerie to keep them as his trophies in his Ottawa home. He logged the stolen innerwear, with their date-stamped photos on hard drives recovered from the ceiling of his home.

If the pile of the loot became too big, the commander would burn some to make room for more, the court heard.

A rising military star who flew prime ministers and Queen Elizabeth II during her visit here, Williams was arrested on Feb 4 at a roadside checkpoint in Ottawa just after Jessica Lloyd, 27, was killed.

Police detained him after his SUV’s unusual tires matched the tread marks left at the crime scene.

A man in a stable marriage, Williams pleaded guilty to killing Jessica Lloyd, 27,  in February and Corporal Marie Comeau, 38, his subordinate at the base, in November.
He videotaped the asphyxiation death of Comeau after breaking into her home Nov 24, 2009. And he made tapes of his sex assault of Lyold after kidnapping her, taking her to his cottage, and raping and then killing her on January 28.

He admitted sexually assaulting two others as well as 82 counts of home break-ins to steal panties from women’s bedrooms in Tweed — a small town northeast Toronto.

The shocking double life of the once respected commander unfolded on court screens after his after his guilty plea on Monday when the prosecution presented his pornographic images to show depths of his sexual perversion.