...possessed by unknown force!

...possessed by unknown force!

...possessed by unknown force!

This was what Girish has asserted in his confessional statement, sufficient for the cops to arrive on a conclusion that ‘he was a psychopath’. Girish, 26, son of Chowdaiah of Kommeranahalli in Mandya district was arrested by Lashkar police in Bangalore on Wednesday. With his arrest four cases of murder in which all the victims were sex workers are solved.

Unmarried, Girish first had physical intimacy with his fellow daily wager’s wife in Bangalore during his stay. Since then, he tread a path that took lives of four women in a short span of nine months.


Recalling the statement of the accused, DCP (law and order) Basavaraj Malagathi said ‘he was truly villainous as he had swiped a victim’s body in several places with a blade, besides writing his elder brother Kumara’s name with an ink pen on the body and stabbing her private part with a liquor bottle. Strangely, he slept with the body till wee hours. What’s strange further is, after killing a woman in the first case, he had told about the incident to his uncle, but the latter didn’t consider it seriously as he (Girish) was drunk. Similarly, he had told about the second murder too to a person from his village with whom he had a chance meeting. To substantiate his claim, Girish also showed the key of the lodge room to him. The person he met was going to the same lodge out of curiousity to have a glimpse of the murdered body. However, he changed his mind and skipped his plan to visit the lodge after meeting Girish.

A police officer, on condition of anonymity said, it was only a lady employer who believed in Girish’s words that he had murdered a woman. She also hired him to expitrate the youth with whom her daughter had eloped. But, Girish failed in his attempt as he couldn’t trace them.

In Mysore case, he had engaged the lady in Mandya itself before bringing her to Sri Vigneshwara Deluxe Palace Lodge  attached to KSRTC Sub-urban bus stand building on September last.

In his eagerness to book the room he scribbled the name of his elder brother Ravi ( whose original name is Kumara and alias name is Ravikumar) in the register and gave the cell number of his friend. Both consumed liquor and made merry until Girish showed his true colours.

Rob belongings

After doing her to death, he robbed her belongings including the cellphone and had been using it after replacing the SIM card. And, it was the victim’s cellphone that helped cops track Girish, said a source.

In the last case registered in Mandya rural police station limits on October 1, he had picked up the girl in Bangalore and decided to bring her to Mandya after learning that she was a native of the same district.

Mention must be made of Lashkar police led by Inspector T B Rajanna, who hit a jackpot solving four cases in one shot. The team consisted of ASI Kumaraswamy, head constable Kendagannappa, constables Omprakash, Shanthakumar, Hirannaiah, Venugopal, Govindaraju, Lingaraju, Chandranayak, Gopal and Prabhakar.

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