Monster commander's deeds stun Canada

Monster commander's deeds stun Canada

Col David Russel videotaped brutal sexual assaults and murders

Monster commander's deeds stun Canada

Roxanne Lloyd carries a picture of her daughter Jessica Lloyd as she arrives at a court in Belleville, Canada, on Tuesday. APFor a second day, prosecutors, partly to limit any chance of parole, presented a detailed and often disturbing account of the crimes drawn from Colonel Williams’s own meticulous records of his two-year rampage, which began with home break-ins to steal girls’ and women’s underwear for his sexual arousal, and culminated in the murders.

On Monday, Colonel Williams, the former commander of Canada’s busiest air force base, in Trenton, Ontario, pleaded guilty to the murders, two other sexual assaults and 82 break-ins.

As was the case with his robberies, prosecutors said Colonel Williams used a digital camera to carefully document the two murders. But they said he also videotaped the killings, along with the multiple rapes and beatings he inflicted on the two women for hours beforehand. During one killing, the court heard, he brought extra lamps into a room to improve its lighting.

Lingerie obsession

Prosecutors only described the videotapes to the court, in Belleville, Ontario. They had displayed the photos from the break-ins — showing Colonel Williams wearing the stolen underwear while masturbating or aroused — on large monitors.

The first murder victim was Cpl Marie-France Comeau, an air force flight attendant from Colonel Williams’s base. After hours of repeatedly being raped and beaten in the head with a large flashlight, prosecutors said, she begged for her life, pleading, “Have a heart — please.” She suffocated after Colonel Williams covered her mouth and nose with duct tape.

After Corporal Comeau’s body was discovered, Colonel Williams sent her father a letter of condolence in his capacity as base commander.

The court heard that Jessica Lloyd, a school bus line administrator, complied with numerous degrading demands from Colonel Williams apparently in an attempt to avoid being killed.

When it became increasingly clear to her that she would not survive the attack, Lloyd made one request, the prosecutors said. “If I die,” she begged Colonel Williams, “will you make sure to let my mom know that I love her?”