Why was aalu not costly under Lalu?

Why was aalu not costly under Lalu?

His wit, charm and sense of humour were there for everyone to see. “What happened to Nitish’s promise of providing power 24 hours? Have you got electricity? Or was it merely a chunavi vada (promises made during elections)?” asks Lalu.

“And tell me, why potato is so expensive these days? Why aalu was not costly during Lalu’s raj?” he goes on, even as the crowd is in splits.

Returning to serious issues, Lalu says: “The 2010 Assembly election is a Mahabharat. Is baar aar-par ki ladai hai (It’s a do-or-die battle this time). If you want to be empowered again, vote for Rabri. For the last five years, you have led the life of a powerless man. Can you these days go to the SP or DM’s office and sit there? No. During my regime, you would have lambasted the SP if he failed to do your work.”

Meanwhile, a select group of youths waive black flags at him. “Power nahi to vote nahi (No power, no vote),” they shout. But immediately Lalu reprimands them, and asks them, “Is this your government that your voice will be heard. Jyada kood-phand mat karo. (Don’t jump unnecessarily). Just go home.”

Later Rabri too made a short speech. “All these roads improved when Laluji and Raghuvnash (Raghuvansh Prasad Singh) became cabinet ministers in the UPA government.”

Amidst her speech, a handful of demonstrators started protesting again. But Lalu loses his cool this time. “Who has given you money to protest here,” a livid Lalu scolded them, before winding up.