Raju and his team work some magic

Raju and his team work some magic

Compare it with the Margao stadium, incidentally also called the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, and the difference couldn’t be starker. The drainage system is literally non-existent, there is just one super sopper and an inexperienced staff.

However, despite taking an severe pounding, the ground still remains in good condition, thanks to the efforts and expertise of Narayan Raju, the chief curator at Bangalore’s Chinnaswamy stadium. “There is no drainage system here and that made our task of keeping the ground ready doubly challenging,” Raju told Deccan Herald.

“We kept the entire ground covered when it rained and also ensured there was no seepage of water. It rained the whole night and this morning till 11.00 am, but you can see the outfield is fine,” pointed out Raju.

“The pitch is in perfect condition and the outfield is hardly wet now. If it doesn’t rain any more, I can assure that the match will start on time,” he added.

A request was sent to Raju by the Goa Cricket Association to oversee the preparations of the pitch for Sunday’s match a fortnight ago and he immediately rushed two of his own ground staff to begin the ground work, joined his team five days later. The match is still at the mercy of the elements, but Raju and his team have done a commendable job against all odds.