Raj needs his bottoms spanked: Uncle Bal Thackeray

Raj needs his bottoms spanked: Uncle Bal Thackeray

In a signed statement issued Tuesday evening, the ageing Sena tiger roared against the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief without naming him, and said "when the snotty boy whom we reared in our home and who grew up in 'Matoshree' (the Thackeray family residence) to touch the skies, screams against us, we shall also shout back".

"He is speaking of dynasty, but he is conveniently forgetting that he is very much a part of the same Thackeray dynasty!" he said.

"(Raj) had claimed that the decision to appoint Uddhav Thackeray as the party executive president was taken by him (Raj) in Krishna Kunj (Raj's residence at Shivaji Park), and that I should publicly clarify whether the decision was right or wrong. Does he mean whether the decision is acceptable to me or not," Bal Thackeray asked.

"When this snotty boy did not have the authority to appoint an ordinary 'shakha pramukh', how can he claim to have appointed Uddhav as the executive president of the party," Bal Thackeray fumed.

He assured the party has the footage of the proceedings of the Shiv Sena session in Mahabaleshwar, where Uddhav Thackeray's appointment was made, and they would soon bring it before the people of the state to let them decide who is speaking the truth.

Bal Thackeray said that this (Raj) "urchin" seems to forget that it was only because he grew up in the Shiv Sena that today 'agents' who are former Shiv Sainiks are hovering around him.

Thackeray warned that now that this "urchin" has attacked him, he would not rest till he spanked his (Raj) bottom. He also warned that Raj's statements could create a wave of anger among thousands of Shiv Sainiks.

In an election speech in the Kalyan-Dombivli municipal elections Monday, Raj had alleged that Bal Thackeray was keen on appointing Uddhav as party boss.