No working president for KPCC this time

No working president for KPCC this time

The party high command in its order issued on Tuesday has referred only to the post of president. This also means that G Parameshwara, the newly-appointed KPCC president will not be ‘assisted’ by a working president.The new incumbent will assume office on Friday at 4.30 pm.

‘Notional arrangement’

The new chief Parameshwara said that according to the information from the high command there would be one president. There was no mention of the post of working president in the party’s constitution. It was only a notional post meant to assist the president. “It seems the high command prefers to keep only one post so that there need not be two power centres”, he said.

For the first time, the AICC had appointed R V Deshpande and D K Shivkumar as president and working president respectively, in September 2008. Both were at loggerheads on occasions. The rift widened after the alleged ‘misuse’ of funds collected for flood relief works came to light.

Parameshwara said the high command may have thought that existence of two power centres might create unnecessary confusion, which may lead to differences within the party.  “As of now there is no communication regarding the post of the working president. I don’t know what the high command decides in future”, he said. The new incumbent will decide the composition of the KPCC later.